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911 Telecommunicator

City of Rochester
Full Time 810 E Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14211, United States


General Description

This is a communications position in the Emergency Communications Department with responsibility for answering emergency and non-emergency calls for police, fire, and emergency medical services and efficiently relaying the information to Dispatchers. This job involves an unusual working environment which includes: the stress of daily contact with life and death situations such as fires, murders, rapes, and assaults in progress; sitting for long periods including times with little call activity; having to remain calm and in control when speaking to people who are screaming, crying, or hysterical; being polite to people who are angry, abusive, or use foul language; strict adherence to rules and regulations; close supervision and constant evaluation of job performance. Employees are expected to work on a wheel schedule, involving various shifts which cover day and night hours. Work is performed under direct supervision in accordance with a prescribed routine. Related work is done as required.

Typical Work Activities

Receives complaints and reports of incidents for fire, police, and emergency medical services by telephone wearing a headset;
Controls telephone conversations to obtain necessary information, following policies and procedures;
Records information from callers manually and delivers to dispatchers, when computer is not functioning;
Inputs information from callers or users agencies into computer, using typewriter style keyboard;
Determines appropriate call type and course of action, based on the nature of the complaint and its priority;
Follows appropriate EMD Protocol scripts to obtain and provide information; Maintains contact with caller during life-threatening situations and provides instructions until units arrive;
Returns hang-up calls to determine if emergency services are required;
Answers TTY (for the deaf) to provide services;
Operates call check (tape recorder) to verify accuracy of information or information not understood, directs non-emergency calls to the appropriate agency;
Trains new Telecommunicators;
Initiates searches of computer files, using typewriter style keyboard;
Directs non-emergency calls to the appropriate agency;
Recognizes and documents the need to change or correct information on databases.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or Equivalent
Completion of the Public Safety Communications course of study offered by the Rochester City School District.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have satisfactory police record and background check including FBI fingerprinting. Must undergo a medical examination that will test, but will not be limited to: vision, hearing, speech, physical ability to sit for long periods, and must pass a psychological evaluation. New hires and re-hires must pass a drug test.

Exam Information

All three components will be administered on the same day.
1. Job Requirement Questionnaire: This will test for availability and willingness to work all shifts as required.
2. Listening/Keying. This computer-based job simulation will test for the abilities to: read and understand procedures; type quickly and accurately while listening; read information from a CRT screen; and listening skills.
3. Summarization: This will test for the ability to remember accurately information given orally.
Devices with typewriter keyboards, "Spell Checkers", "Personal Digital Assistants", "Address Books", "Language Translators", "Dictionaries", or any similar devices are prohibited.
WEIGHT: Subtests 2 and 3 will contribute 75% to the final score. Subtest 4 will contribute 25%. Subtest 1 will be scored on a pass/fail basis.
The psychological evaluation will consist of a combination of psychological tests and interviews. You must pass the psychological evaluation. In addition, a negative report within a non-failing psychological evaluation may be grounds for disqualification.
RATING: This examination will be rated in accordance with Section X-1 of the Municipal Civil Service Rules.
REVIEW OPPORTUNITY: An opportunity for a verification of computation review will be offered after the eligible list is established. In this review, two members of staff will independently review and verify the performance section of the examination. You will receive a written response regarding the findings.
ELIGIBLE LISTS: After the first four components of the examination, the names of successful candidates will be placed on a list of eligibles in rank order of final scores. Eligible candidates of future examinations will have their names inter-filed, in order of final score. The list will be established for at least one year. The medical examination, police record and background check, and psychological evaluation will be administered later. Candidates who fail any of these tests will be removed from the eligible list. The Commission reserves the right to process candidates on the qualifying tests only in such numbers necessary to produce enough eligibles to meet department needs through the life of the list. 

For full-time employees:
The City of Rochester offers a complete benefits package to full-time employees including health care, dental, vision, retirement, deferred compensation plans, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, long-term disability, holidays, vacation, and sick leave.

For less-than full-time employees:
The City of Rochester offers numerous growth opportunities to include the potential to transition into full-time, permanent employment.

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