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Considerable knowledge of archaeological excavation documentation and recording methods, including mapping, photography, and AHRS data.

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Archaeologist 1/2 Flex

State of Alaska
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What You Will Be Doing
The incumbent’s primary responsibilities involve conducting literature research, field investigations, laboratory processing and analysis, and report writing. Other cultural resource projects include research and writing for National Register of Historic Places nominations and database projects for the Alaska Heritage Resource Survey. Literature research includes but is not limited to agency files, library and archival research. Field investigations occur throughout Alaska in urban, rural, and remote locations, often under adverse weather and other environmental conditions. Laboratory analysis and report writing are conducted in the Office and at the Office’s laboratory. The Office of History and Archaeology is recruiting for one Flex Archaeologist 1/2 position in the Archaeological Survey Unit. The duties of the position involve participation in cultural resource investigations, including related technical research, on behalf of the State to ensure compliance with the Alaska Historic Preservation Act, the National Historic Preservation Act, and the associated federal and state regulations and guidelines during public construction planning. Duties include research, fieldwork, laboratory analysis and processing, and report writing.

Mission and Culture
The mission of the Department of Natural Resources is to “develop, conserve and maximize the use of Alaska’s natural resources consistent with the public interest.”  One of the Department of Natural Resources’ focus areas is to “ensure sufficient data acquisition and assessment of land and resources to foster responsible and community development and public safety.  The mission of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation is to “provide outdoor recreation opportunities and conserve and interpret natural, cultural, and historic resources for the use, enjoyment, and welfare of the people.”   The Office of History and Archaeology’s contribution to the Department’s mission is to provide a historic preservation program to encourage the preservation and protection of the historic, prehistoric and archaeological resources of Alaska. This position in the Office of History and Archaeology is part of the core services of the Office to identify, document, evaluate, and protect archaeological and historic sites and buildings.

Benefits of Joining Our Team
The position involves active participation in projects to preserve Alaska’s heritage resources. The position offers both general opportunities to gain experience in all aspects of historic preservation, as well as learning or improving the incumbent’s knowledge of the diverse archaeological and historic resources of the State of Alaska. As part of the Office's larger historic preservation program, the incumbent will gain or improve their knowledge of cultural resource management programs and Alaska's heritage.

The Working Environment You Can Expect
The duty station for the position is Anchorage, typically in State facilities. Fieldwork includes traveling to and conducting field investigations in cities, towns, communities, and remote locations throughout Alaska.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be successful in this position include

  • Considerable knowledge of archaeological research practices and procedures.
  • Considerable knowledge of archaeological excavation documentation and recording methods, including mapping, photography, and AHRS data.
  • Considerable knowledge of state and federal laws, regulations and standards applicable to archaeological and cultural resource programs.
  • Considerable knowledge of writing standards for professional report writing and publication.

Minimum Qualifications

Archaeologist 1- starting salary $2123.25 

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in archaeology or anthropology, and two field seasons, of at least two months duration each, in archaeology.

Substitution: One year of graduate study at an accredited university in anthropology or archaeology may be substituted for one season of field experience. 

Archaeologist 2 - starting salary $2446.50

Master's degree from an accredited college in archaeology or anthropology with course emphasis in archaeology, including or supplemented by two field seasons experience, of at least two months duration each, in archaeology site location, identification, and excavation. One field season must have been as a team supervisor.

Substitution: Two years of professional archaeological research, which included field experience beyond the specified bachelor's degree, may be substituted for the required master's degree.

Additional Required Information
At the time of applicationthe applicant must attach as individual documents the following items (If unable to attach documents, please fax or email the contact listed below):
  • Cover letter – see instructions below.
If selected for an interviewthe applicant must provide the following:
  • College transcripts
  • Three professional references
  • Field investigations occur throughout Alaska in urban, rural, and remote locations, often under adverse weather and other environmental conditions.

Application Notice
You can ONLY apply for this position through the Workplace Alaska website or via a hardcopy application. If you accessed this recruitment bulletin through a job search portal, such as AlaskaJobs or any other database, you MUST use a Workplace Alaska online or hardcopy application to apply successfully. Instructions on how to apply with Workplace Alaska may be found on the Workplace Alaska “" page. Your application must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on the closing date.
Cover Letter
A cover letter is required for this position.  The cover letter should highlight your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience as they pertain to the key responsibilities and desired traits listed in the job description. The letter should address your archaeological fieldwork experience in Alaska.   Your cover letter will be used to determine which applicants will advance to the interview phase of the recruitment.
Please attach the cover letter to your application before submitting it online or, if unable to attach to your application, fax or email it to the contact number provided below.
If post-secondary education is required to meet the minimum qualifications, you must fill in the Education section of the application. If you have not obtained a degree, please indicate the number of units completed. Copies of transcripts are required to verify educational credentials if used to meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Transcripts can be attached at the time of application or provided at the time of the interview.
Special Instructions for Foreign Education
Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the minimum qualifications listed above. If utilizing this education, you must show that the education credentials have been submitted to a private organization that specializes in the interpretation of foreign educational credentials and that such education has been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education programs; or an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution reports the other institution as one whose transcript is given full value, or full value is given in subject areas applicable to the curricula at the post-secondary institution. It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying.
Work Experience
If using work experience not already documented in your application, also provide the employer’s name, job title, employment dates, and whether full or part-time. Applications will be reviewed to determine whether the responses are supported and whether minimum qualifications are clearly met. If they are not, the applicant may not advance to the recruitment interview and selection phase.
Note: Attaching a resume is not an alternative to filling out the application entirely. Noting, "see resume" or any similar response on any portion of your application may lead to a determination that your application is incomplete and removal from consideration for this job posting.
Bargaining Unit
If you are a current state employee, please mark the union you are a member of at the time of application. Do not complete this question if you are not a current state employee.
Multiple Vacancies
This recruitment may be used for more than one (1) vacancy. The Department of Natural Resources may use the applicant pool acquired during this recruitment for future vacancies for up to ninety (90) days after this recruitment closes. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply to each recruitment notice to ensure consideration for all vacancies.
Driver’s License Requirement 
Applicants must possess a valid driver's license. Proof of licensure will be required prior to reporting to duty.
EEO Statement
The State of Alaska complies with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Individuals with disabilities who require accommodation, auxiliary aides or services, or alternative communication formats, please call 1-800-587-0430 or 465-4095 in Juneau or (907) 465-3412 (TTY) or correspond with the Division of Personnel & Labor Relations at P. O. Box 110201, Juneau, AK 99811-0201. The State of Alaska is an equal opportunity employer.
Contact Information

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For specific information about this position, please get in touch with the hiring manager at the following:

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