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Working knowledge of data collection and storage to compile, assimilate, and organize printed and electronic information.

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Administrative Associate Ii--temporary Solutions

State of North Carolina
Full Time, Temporary 30 or more per week 116 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27603, United States Apply before 9/27/2023 5:00


This is a temporary position and there are no leave or retirement benefits offered with this position. Temporary employees who work an annual average of 30 or more hours per week may be eligible for health insurance coverage under the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). For more information on Health Benefits offered visit 

Visit  for employment information.

Note: Permanent and time-limited NC State Government employees must separate from their permanent or time-limited position in order to work in a temporary position.  All temporaries are limited to one NC State Government temporary assignment at a time. 

 Individuals hired into a temporary State job must be fully qualified for the job.  OSHR supports the Governor's Job Ready initiative and seeks to expand a temporary's skill set to enhance their qualifications for State government and private sector jobs.  Exposure to an agency's culture, process, procedures, and potential learning opportunities can provide valuable experience to those who may seek permanent employment with the state.
 This temporary position is located in Raleigh, NC - Wake County.  

 Job Order Hourly Rate of Pay: $20.00 (Based on education and/or years of relevant work experience reflected on the application). 

 This temporary position will be assigned to the Department of Adult Correction (DAC). This position is located at 2020 Yonkers Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604.

The primary function for these two positions will be reviewing several boxes of paper files to determine disposition; shred, scan & shred, or file. If filing is needed, files must be created and labeled according to specific guidelines as stated in the state records retention policy. Work will include lifting for carrying file boxes up to 25 lbs. If time permits, positions may assist answering phones and other Admin duties as needed in various sections of Human Resources.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

NOTE:  Qualified applicants must meet and CLEARLY reflect on their application training and experience and all knowledge, skills, abilities, and any experience or competencies specified in the posting and/or supplemental question(s) to be considered.
NOTE: "See Resume" is not acceptable to show work history. 

  • Working knowledge of program services, policies and procedures. 
  • Ability to demonstrate and apply this knowledge in performance of office support tasks. 
  • Ability to explain and interpret program information to clients/customers and staff. 
  • Working knowledge of data collection and storage to compile, assimilate, and organize printed and electronic information. 
  • Working knowledge of and ability to use correct spelling, punctuation and specialized vocabulary. 
  • Ability to convey information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups; ability to adjust language or terminology to meet needs of the recipient(s). 
  • Ability to present ideas in written form; ability to adjust language or terminology to meet needs of the recipient(s); ability to use correct grammar, organization, and structure.
  • Ability to utilize office equipment and other technology (software and systems) to meet work needs. 
  • Ability to facilitate the flow of work and coordinate office support activities with other staff; ability to maintain internal and external contacts for work coordination. 
  • Ability to understand issues, identify problems and opportunities to determine the appropriate course of action.
Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Some state job postings say you can qualify by an “equivalent combination of education and experience.” If that language appears below, then you may qualify through EITHER years of education OR years of directly related experience, OR a combination of both. See for details.

High school or General Educational Development (GED) diploma and one year of administrative experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. 
Supplemental and Contact Information

For technical issues with your application, please call the Applicant Support Help Line at 855-524-5627.
To check the status of your application, please log in to your account and click "Application Status."  If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the hiring agency directly. If there are any questions about this posting, please contact and/or 984-236-1040. 
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