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In addition the District desires candidates that have performed engineering studies / analyses related to the above types of projects/facilities.

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Associate Civil Engineer

County of Riverside
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The County of Riverside's Flood Control District has multiple opportunities for Associate Civil Engineers that will be assigned to multiple divisions located in Riverside.

The Engineers will under minimal direction, perform varied and difficult flood control engineering work in one or more of the District’s engineering divisions, which span from Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Stormwater Management facilities. Candidates may also supervise or train lower classifications within these roles.

The District desires candidates that have experience with the planning, design, and construction of projects such as:  

  1. Flood control facilities including storm drains, channels, basins, dams and levees.
  2. Stormwater recharge facilities such as groundwater / infiltration basins.
  3. Stormwater treatment facilities such as infiltration basins, biotreatment, bioretention,
  4. Experience planning, designing and constructing highways, freeways, sanitary sewers and/or landfills, may also be considered.

In addition the District desires candidates that have performed engineering studies / analyses related to the above types of projects/facilities.  As well as experience with the detailed review (plan check) and approval of engineering studies and plans related to the above types of projects/facilities.

Candidates with experience leading and organizing teams of people involved in the planning, design, review and approval of public works projects.  Have direct experience performing (preferred) or reviewing hydrology studies, hydraulic analyses, floodplain analysis, structural design, plan/drawing preparation, specification writing, bid document writing, construction contract administration, and/or inspection of public works facilities. Have knowledge and use of various engineering software including HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, WSPG, Inroads, AutoCAD, CivilD, Flo-2D, or other Hydraulic, Hydrologic, Structural design software are highly encouraged to apply.

Meet The TeamThe Riverside County  provides for the control and conservation of flood and storm waters and for the protection of watercourses, watersheds, public highways, life and property from damage within its boundaries.

• Assign work, give instructions and resolve difficult engineering and administrative problems in connection with directing the work involved in the planning, design and construction of highways, sanitary landfills, flood control and drainage structures, or review and approval of structural or grading plans.

• Direct the activities of a group of office engineering personnel in analyzing field data and preparing plans, profiles, maps, and related drawings necessary for construction work.

• Make or review stress analyses of structures such as bridges and hydraulic structures; perform  structural engineering analysis of proposed commercial, industrial and complex buildings and structures.

• Review grading, building and structure plans for conformity to uniform building codes, local ordinances, state regulations, and administrative policies.

• Assist and advise permit applicants in engineering and technical structural or grading problems; assist and participate in the in-service training programs of building inspectors and engineering technicians relative to grading and structural inspections.

• Supervise the preparation of structural drawings; prepare specifications and related contract documents to be used in advertising construction projects for bids.

• Provide technical information to officials of other governmental jurisdictions, other engineers and the public.

• Work with public utility companies in matters of facility relocation and right-of-way.

• Supervise the maintenance of the necessary records pertaining to survey and construction progress, job expenditures, budget programs, and work order balances; supervise the preparation of requests for change orders.

• Supervise the preparation of progress pay and final estimates on contracts.

License:  Possession of a valid certificate of registration as a Civil Engineer issued by the California State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers is required.

: Two years of professional civil engineering experience, including one year in either 1) the planning, design and construction of highways, sanitary landfills or flood control projects; 2) review and approval of grading or structural plans for permit issuance; or 3) performing air or water quality control.

Knowledge of

: The fundamentals of civil engineering; mathematics and physics as applied to engineering; construction survey, stress analysis, hydraulic design, topographic mapping, analytical mechanics, and strength, properties and uses of construction materials; accepted practices of grading and structural plan review and approval; general methods and procedures of describing real property.

Ability to

: Direct the work of subordinate engineering personnel; design a variety of public works projects with skill and accuracy; perform difficult mathematical computations and keep neat and accurate field notes; review and approve grading and structural plans; make accurate drawings and maps; prepare technical reports; maintain cooperative working relationships with others.