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Associate Engineer/architect

County of Sacramento
Full Time, Permanent 40 per week Sacramento County, CA, USA Apply before 10/30/2023 5:00


This is a limited continuous filing exam. Next filing cut-offs are at 5:00 pm on: 

7/28/23, 8/29/23, 9/29/23, 10/30/23 (final)

Positions in this series perform a variety of professional engineering and/or architectural activities in connection with the planning, design, construction, alteration, code enforcement, surveying, testing of materials, contract administration and/or management of public works projects, including, but not limited to, buildings and other structures; streets, highways and bridges; sewer, water, and drainage pipeline systems; water supply; wastewater treatment; solid waste management; airports and parks; and site improvements.

Examples of Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of

Applicable to all Options

  • Engineering and design analysis
  • Engineering and architectural procedures and principles
  • Construction practices and safety requirements
  • The strength, properties, and use of materials in building construction
  • Principles and techniques of personnel management training and supervision
  • General knowledge of City, County, State, and Federal building codes and regulations and the principles upon which the codes and regulations are based
  • Report and specification writing
  • Plans and specification requirements
Building Design Option
  • Effective space utilization
  • Contracts and the legal relationships between owner, architect, consultant, contractor and sub-contractor
  • Drafting practices and techniques
  • Program requirements
  • Interrelationship between human and environmental factors as they apply to building design
Building Inspection Option
  • Principles and practices applicable to the structural evaluation and design of complex buildings and structures
  • Construction code requirements including, but not limited to, occupancy safety, fire resistive construction, approved standards, and State disability accessibility requirements
  • Building permit procedures used by local governments
Ability to
  • Prepare plans and specifications
  • Review plans and specifications and recognize and require needed changes prior to approval
  • Make estimates to materials, labor, and other elements entering into the cost of building construction, remodeling, and maintenance
  • Supervise the work of office staff; establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • Prepare correspondence, schedules, and technical reports
Employment Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications 

Current registration as a Civil Engineer or Architect in the State of California

Two years experience in the design, construction, or plan review of multi-story buildings and facilities for human occupancy.

Note: If the word “experience” is referenced in the minimum qualifications, it means full-time paid experience unless the minimum qualification states that volunteer experience is acceptable.   Part-time paid experience may be accumulated and pro-rated to meet the total experience requirements.

Note: If the minimum qualifications include an educational or certificate/license requirement, applicants must submit proof of requirements with the application. Failure to submit proof of requirements may result in disqualification from the examination. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. For guidelines on submitting acceptable proof of educational requirements, please click  or speak to someone in our office before the cut-off date listed in this notice.

Special Requirements

License Requirement:
A valid Driver's License, Class C or higher, is required prior to appointment to all positions in this class series.

Notes: (1) Failure to maintain a valid California Driver's License, Class C or higher may constitute cause for termination from this class in accordance with Civil Service Rule 11.4.
(2) Individuals who do not meet this requirement due to physical disability will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Certification Requirements:
Per Assembly Bill 717, positions assigned to the Building Inspection Division are required to obtain a certification from a recognized state, national, or international association, as determined by the County, within two years of date of hire or assignment.

Some positions in this class series require incumbents to complete one year of verifiable experience in the appropriate field, and one year thereafter, to obtain certification from a recognized state, national, or international association, as determined by the County.

Any person currently and continuously employed by the County as an inspector, plans examiner or building official, for not less than two years prior to January 1, 1996, is exempt from the certification requirements as outlined above.

In addition, persons appointed to this class might be required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of continuing education every three years. The County may determine appropriate providers of continuing education such as community colleges or organizations affiliated with code enforcement.

Note: Failure to meet the required certification requirements may constitute cause for termination from this class in accordance with Civil Service Rule 11.4.

Physical and Mental Requirements:
Work hours:
Frequent: working in excess of 40 hours a week;
Occasional: working irregular hours, particularly during emergency situations.

Frequent: having public contact, making decisions effecting health and safety of employees/residents, responding to changing priorities.

Frequent: good overall vision, reading, close-up work, and peripheral vision. Some positions require the ability to discern the full spectrum of colors.

Frequent: hearing normal speech and on the telephone

Frequent: talking in person and on the telephone

Frequent: performing keyboard operations and sitting for long periods
Occasional: walking on uneven terrain at construction sites, etc.

Probationary Period
The probationary period for this classification is 
twelve (12) months. 
Application and Testing Information