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In addition, the Regulatory Division provides support for all types of District actions such as constructing new flood control facilities, maintaining existing facilities, developing master drainage plans, and issuing encroachment permits to developers or other public agencies for their projects.

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Associate Environmental Planner, Regulatory Specialist, Biologist

County of Riverside
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The Flood Control District currently has multiple opportunities for Associate Environmental Planners or Associate Regulatory Specialists or Associate Biologists for the Regulatory Division at Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. Note that the official job title is “Associate Flood Control Planner”(FCP).  Associate FCP candidates could come from a variety of disciplines which include, Environmental Planners, Biologists, Regulatory Specialists, City Planners, or Archeologists (or many of the other specialties within the CEQA/environmental planning field).  Each of these disciplines have specific skill sets that are applicable and could complement the Regulatory Division.  

The District’s FCPs not only interact with District staff, but also with many other public agencies and stakeholders such as developers, planning and engineering consultants, members of the public, the Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, USFWS, and various other federal, state and local government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The Regulatory Division is primarily responsible for ensuring that the District complies with the following state and federal environmental laws: CEQA, NEPA, FESA, CESA, AB-52, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Fish and Game Code Section 1600 et seq., Clean Water Act Sections 401 and 404, and the Western Riverside County and the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plans (MSHCP).

In addition, the Regulatory Division provides support for all types of District actions such as constructing new flood control facilities, maintaining existing facilities, developing master drainage plans, and issuing encroachment permits to developers or other public agencies for their projects. The Associate FCP will help develop and implement compliance strategies for our projects that balance protection of the natural environment with the District's mission to responsibly manage stormwater in service of safe, sustainable and livable communities.

The District desires candidates with experience in environmental compliance with laws and regulations, such as California Environmental Quality Act; National Historic Preservation Act, Assembly Bill 52, Federal Endangered Species Act; California Endangered Species Act; Clean Water Act (Sections 401 and 404); AB52, and/or California Department of Fish & Game Code.  As well as experience with regulatory permits from California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Regional Water Quality Control Boards and US Army Corps of Engineers.

The District also desires candidates with experience preparing or reviewing technical studies, NEPA or CEQA environmental documents (i.e., Environmental Impact Report, Mitigated Negative Declaration, Negative Declaration, Notice of Exemption), knowledge and experience utilizing GIS software/programs and have the ability to read and interpret engineering drawings.

Candidates with experience preparing, reviewing, and coordinating the production of various environmental/technical reports such as biological resources, cultural resources, air quality, water quality and geotechnical and have experience with habitat restoration and/or habitat mitigation monitoring plan preparation or implementation are highly encouraged to apply.

The FCP series and professional progression include Assistant FCP, Associate FCP, Senior FCP, Environmental Project Manager and Division Chief.

Please Note

: The District also has FCPs in our Watershed Protection Division, however their sole focus is NPDES compliance; this current recruitment is not intended for NPDES professionals, unless the individual is otherwise qualified with the applicable environmental experience described herein.

Meet the Team!

The Riverside County

provides for the control and conservation of flood and storm waters and for the protection of watercourses, watersheds, public highways, life and property from damage within its boundaries.


Provide support and technical assistance for capital improvement projects; work closely with our design engineers to recommend design options that avoid or minimize environmental impacts, participate in stakeholder meetings and occasional public meetings.

• Prepare Requests for Proposal/Scope of Work for capital improvement projects; review consultant proposals/scope of work, budgets, and schedules and participate in selection of same.

• Manage consultant progress and work product; provide technical guidance to personnel engaged in complex environmental review processes; review invoices for management approval; use technical knowledge of local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations to facilitate capital improvement project delivery.

• Prepare or review CEQA/NEPA documents or related technical studies and documents; prepare CEQA compliance documents and notifications for maintenance and emergency repair projects.

• Assist with the AB52 consultation process and oversee related mitigation efforts for compliance such as, Tribal and archeological monitoring.

• Prepare applications and obtain 404 permits, 401 certification, and stream bed alteration agreements for construction and maintenance of flood control facilities by working closely with federal, state, and local resource agencies; work cooperatively with stakeholders, including cities, oversight agencies, non-profits, and affected private developers.

• Conduct and/or assist with field surveys to gather data on natural resources and land use conditions to assess impacts and formulate recommendations. • Applicants must have strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs.


: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in planning, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, environmental studies, biology, urban/city/regional planning, hydrology, geology, geography, landscape architecture, archeology, anthropology, Public Policy or other discipline associated with the environment or land use development.


:  Two years of responsible professional planning experience.

Knowledge of

: Local, state, and federal environmental laws, regulations, and standard practices; CEQA, NEPA, National Historic Preservation Act, AB 52, Clean Water Act (404, 401), ESA, California Fish and Game Code, and other applicable state and federal regulations and guidance; Water of the US and Waters of the State, and Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plans.

Ability to

: Research, compile, analyze, and interpret data; communicate effectively orally and in writing in a variety of situations; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work; analyze complex planning problems, technical studies and documents, develop and evaluate alternative solutions, and recommend effective courses of action; analyze environmental impacts and make recommendations to minimize or avoid these impacts; conduct biological site surveys; prepare technical environmental reports and comply with federal, state, and local laws.