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The Department has opportunities for Animal Services Counselor's  in Coachella, Jurupa or San Jacinto. Training for these positions may take place in either Jurupa, Coachella and/or San Jacinto.

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Animal Services Counselor

County of Riverside
Riverside County Department of Animal Services, 6851 Van Buren Boulevard, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509, United States


The County of Riverside seeks candidates to fill positions throughout Riverside County. A list of eligible candidates will be established to fill current and future vacancies.

The County of Riverside’s Department of Animal Services is excited to announce the reopening of the San Jacinto Animal Campus and is hiring for various positions, such as:

Senior Animal Services Counselor

Supervising Animal Services Counselor

Please check out to view all the available openings.

The Department has opportunities for Animal Services Counselor's  in Coachella, Jurupa or San Jacinto. Training for these positions may take place in either Jurupa, Coachella and/or San Jacinto.

If you are a current Department of Animal Services employee interested in a lateral transfer to San Jacinto, please contact Admin.

The Animal Services Counselor will be responsible for overseeing basic animal intake process and actively contribute to enhancing animal outcomes within the department.  They will play a crucial role in coordinating spay/neuter procedures for animals designated for outreach adoptions and ensuring smooth animal transportation to outreach events. 
The ideal candidates for this role will possess experience in both the animal intake process and customer service, with a preference for those who have demonstrated leadership or supervisory capabilities. This role's work hours must require weekends and holidays.

The Animal Services Counselor is a first professional level classification and reports to a supervising or manager level position. This class is characterized by the responsibility for coordinating the animal intake and improving animal outcomes of shelter animals and participating in the Animal Services Community Outreach & Education Division activities.

Meet the Team!

The Riverside County

  has a vision for promoting an environment of responsible pet ownership through progressive animal welfare initiatives, community outreach, and humane education in a culture of compassion, creativity, and integrity.  The Department of Animal Services believes the character of their organization is best reflected in the strong dedication of each one of their employees who strive to meet the highest standards of performance and compassion on behalf of the animals and people that they serve.  The Department of Animal Services operates four shelters located in Blythe, Jurupa Valley, San Jacinto and Thousand Palms.


• Participate in Animal Services Community Outreach & Education Division activities; answer questions concerning age, breed, characteristics, and care and treatment of animals; responsible for knowing which animals are available for adoption, return-to-owner, etc., and knowing the temperaments and personalities of these animals.

• Assist and counsel owners and members of the public in the admittance and surrender of animals through proper interviewing techniques and completion of necessary paperwork; obtain accurate information regarding animal temperament, living habits and training, medical conditions, behavior, age, breed, and any relevant information from the relinquishing party; assist owners with alternative options to surrendering an animal.

• Prepare reports, maintain records, and fill out forms concerning activities; assist with the training of new staff and/or volunteers.

• May be assigned to any shift and required to be available as needed.

• May be specifically assigned as an Adoption Partner Coordinator and act as point of contact for rescue groups (adoption partners), coordinating the adoption of shelter animals to adoption partners and developing/maintaining relationships with adoption partners, and other related activities as assigned.

• Participate regularly in community events or animal adoption events that frequently occur on weekends; coordinate spay/neutering of animals in anticipation of outreach activities.
• Act as a fully participating member of the Community Outreach and Education Division and of the Adoption Team and work collaboratively and supportively with the Animal Care Technicians.


Experience: Six months performing animal care duties in a public or non-profit animal control program.

Experience: One year of paid or voluntary experience in a veterinary office, animal grooming, animal board and kennel facility, or similar setting which included the care of animals.

Experience: Two years of experience within a customer service environment.
License: Possession of a valid California Driver's License may be required.
Knowledge of: Techniques and procedures for the safe, humane, and efficient handling of animals; laws and ordinances governing the licensing and treatment of animals; the symptoms of common animal diseases; common breeds of domestic animals and appropriate practices for their care and feeding.

Ability to: Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relations with the public, adoption partners and other employees; handle animals humanely and safely; manage difficult to place animals; read and comprehend laws and regulations pertaining to animal control; clearly explain animal services to the public; exercise tact and good judgment in dealings with the public; recognize symptoms of rabies and other animal diseases; keep statistical records; lift and handle cats, dogs (including large breeds) and other animals.

Physical exposure: This position may require working in an environment with exposure to animal smells, dander, excrement, fluids and wounds.