County of CalaverasSan Andreas 95249
Full Time

May make presentations to the Assessment Appeals Board. Prepare correspondence to attorneys, title companies and the public.

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Assessment Technician I/ii

County of Calaveras
Full Time Upper Floor, 891 Mountain Ranch Rd building d, San Andreas, CA 95249, United States


Position Description

Assessment Technician I and II

Under general supervision, to perform responsible technical work involved in the updating of the county assessment rolls; the maintenance of master property records and personal property records; the calculation of assessments and to do related work as required.


This is a flexibly staffed, two part series.  Incumbents will be expected to perform increasingly complex duties, requiring specialized knowledge of the functions performed in the assigned department.   Incumbents are expected to possess technical knowledge as it relates to applicable computer technology, Revenue Codes, and Taxation Codes.

Assessment Technician I 

This is the entry-level position in the Assessment Technician series.  The incumbent will work under close supervision while being trained and will gradually work more independently as knowledge and skills are acquired.  More of the routine work will be assigned to this class.  Incumbents are expected to develop basic assessment skills and assume responsibility for one or more key assessment functions.

Assessment Technician II

This is the intermediate level position in the Assessment Technician series. Incumbents are expected to perform basic routine tasks independently.  Incumbents will be assigned increasingly difficult tasks and are expected to acquire the necessary computer property tax system and assessment practice skills.

Example of Duties

Management reserves the rights to add, modify, change, or rescind the work assignments of different positions and to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Performs clerical and technical work in the production and maintenance of the county assessment rolls.
  • Maintains records and indexes involving ownership, mailing and situs addresses, property locations, sales data and licensed mobile homes.
  • Processes parcel splits, address changes, recorded documents, property statements, building permits, mobile home registrations and miscellaneous surveys.
  • Checks appraisal computations for accuracy.
  • Types, files and indexes a variety of materials.
  • Analyzes legal documents to determine if a reappraisable event for ad valorem tax assessment purposes has occurred.
  • Responsible for processing exemptions, exclusions from reappraisal and supplemental assessments.
  • Processes corrections to the assessment rolls.
  • Processes boat registrations.
  • Handles records management tasks related to the Assessor’s Office operations including payroll and monitoring the budget.
  • May make presentations to the Assessment Appeals Board.

  • Prepare correspondence to attorneys, title companies and the public.

  • Works with outside agencies, the public, and others regarding Assessor operations.

  • Provide difficult assessment explanations to tax payers.

  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Assessment Technician I

Operation of standard office equipment and tools including computers, printers, and copiers; computer applications including all Microsoft programs, Adobe and other commonly used applications; filing, indexing and source of information; effectively communicate in person, over the telephone, and in writing; 

Assessment Technician II

State revenue and taxation laws governing the preparation of assessment rolls and the assessment of property; mapping procedures used in assessment work; organization, operation details, and procedures of the County Assessor’s Office; miscellaneous legal documents.

Skill and Ability To:

Assessment Technician I

Operate office equipment including a personal computer; learn new computer applications; adapt to changing assignments and work tools; work as a team member to achieve short and long-term goals; establish and maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted during the course of work.

Assessment Technician II

Understand and apply pertinent laws, rules and regulations; read and interpret property deeds and other legal documents; accurately perform a wide variety of mathematical functions and input data with speed and accuracy; 

Training and Experience:

Equivalent to graduation from high school and:

Assessment Technician I 

No experience required.

Assessment Technician II

Two years of experience in a position comparable to an Assessment Technician I, including demonstrated knowledge of computer applications and Assessor’s Office operations.  In addition, candidates must demonstrate competency in technical work related to two of the following categories: Transfer Analysis, Permits and Situs Addressing, Business/Personal Property, Valuation Entry, Roll Corrections, Homeowner’s Exemptions or Non-homeowner’s exemptions.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid California driver’s license.

New Assessment Technicians will immediately obtain their temporary Assessment Analyst certificate and are required to be certified as an Assessment Analyst before the one-year probationary period is complete.  Failure to obtain this certification within the probationary period will cause for termination of employment.