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Behavioral Health Specialist Ii

County of Riverside
Riverside County Mental Health, 4095 County Cir Dr, Riverside, CA 92503, United States


This job is located in Blythe, CA
Under supervision, team with mental health professionals in planning and providing mental health services; provide general counseling, case management, and community services and to do other work as required.
Incumbents in this class team with behavioral health professionals in the provision of consumer treatment, to directly assist clients in the utilization of appropriate community resources, and to provide education and information to the community.

Incumbents in this class provide support, encouragement, advocacy, and related services in order to assist the client in coping with immediate situations with no attempt to modify or change the consumer's personality structure. Classes in this series differ from those in the Clinical Therapist series in that the latter, due to advanced education and experience, use independent judgment in making diagnoses, developing treatment plans, and providing a wide range and variety of behavioral health services including psychotherapy.


• Interviews consumers to team with mental health professionals in determining the needs of individuals or groups on a walk-in/telephone basis; responds to potential suicide or other emergency telephone calls; describes basic services to consumers; discusses goals and objectives of proposed treatment plans and establishes contract with consumer; assists consumer in recognizing and solving conditions in the consumer's environment which may contribute to mental health problems; as part of a team, counsels individual consumers and groups to develop social adjustment skills and to increase client resolution of identified problems.

• Visits clients, individually or as part of a team, in a variety of living situations to help assess the mental health needs of individuals and families; places consumers who may have difficulty caring for themselves into an appropriate care or treatment facility; visits consumers to observe progress, provide counseling, gather data, and to report significant changes in the consumer's condition to designated professional staff.

• Refers consumers to appropriate resources and/or makes appointment with behavioral health professional(s) for diagnosis and evaluation; assists the consumer, family, and other concerned individuals in filing for and obtaining various kinds of assistance such as financial, housing, or legal; monitors consumer services to insure that a continuum of services is available.

• Gathers data from consumer/family interviews, past records, other information, to gain understanding and verification of previous disorders and treatment episodes; refers consumer to physicians for medication, observation, and treatment; advocates for the client; consults with other individuals and groups regarding services available within the Mental Health Department and specific needs of particular consumers.

• May provide direction to volunteers interested in performing services in Riverside County behavioral Health programs; acts as a liaison between the Mental Health Department and other agencies, departments, organizations, and community groups; May act as an agency representative to community organizations.

• Schedules or assists in the scheduling of needed transportation for consumer services; maintains records and writes reports and summaries for consumer records or other documentation including care status, care reviews, case management plans, summaries, and reports; prepares correspondence and special reports as necessary; attends in-service workshops and training.


Knowledge of: Basic principles and practices involved in improving mental health; laws, rules, and regulations governing a public mental health agency; behavioral health programs and services available to the community and their functions; principles and techniques of individual and group counseling; interviewing and problem solving methods.

Ability to: Work effectively with a wide variety of different agencies, organizations, and individuals; Interview clients, recognize the relevant and significant facts, and take appropriate action pertaining to behavioral health needs; implement a treatment plan and monitor a client's progress toward established goals; understand and evaluate psychological, cultural, and social factors affecting behavioral patterns; interpret agency programs and policies to clients, the general public, and agencies/organizations; apply laws, rules, and regulations governing a public mental health agency in specific situations; communicate effectively in verbal and written form.


Education: Completion of 30 sem./45 qtr. units in psychology, sociology, or related behavioral science coursework from a recognized college.


Experience: Six months of experience as a Behavioral Health Specialist I with Riverside County.


Experience: One year of experience equivalent to Behavioral Health Specialist I with a California County Mental Health Agency or private Mental Health care facility.