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This inspection team supports PDS customers with an effective and pro-active customer service perspective and collaborative approach, allowing them to work as a guide and resource to the approved construction drawings, rather than a guard.

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Building Inspector

County of San Diego
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Job Summary
County of San Diego Planning & Development Services BUILDING INSPECTOR I Future Salary Increases  ** July 2024  -  3.20% increase to base pay  (2.75% Across-the-Board + 0.45% Market Increase) The County of San Diego is currently accepting applications for Building Inspector I, to fill vacancies in the County's Planning & Development Services (PDS), Building Services Division,  Building Inspector I is the entry-level class of the Building Inspector series.  Employees in this job class will participate on a team to inspect residential dwellings, commercial, and industrial buildings for conformance with the California building code, zoning and grading codes, and approved building and land use permits. This inspection team supports PDS customers with an effective and pro-active customer service perspective and collaborative approach, allowing them to work as a guide and resource to the approved construction drawings, rather than a guard. This attitude and approach are key in the success with the County Team. The County provides additional on-the-job training to ensure that our team is consistent in approach to the application of the building code and zoning ordinance on all projects.  This training is conducted via lessons learned and best practice education from the Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical review team.   The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in the field with contractors or homeowners.  The ideal candidate will demonstrate skill and willingness to provide specific corrections for items that are not being constructed per approved plans; and willingness to provide consultation and guidance on next steps.  The ability to demonstrate an open mind, as well as flexibility to adjust to new situations, are a plus. Planning & Development Services (PDS) The County of San Diego is committed to helping communities thrive while protecting the region's unique and diverse natural resources.  PDS is responsible for long range land use planning, including the County of San Diego's General Plan, Climate Action Plan (CAP), and Zoning Ordinance.  The department evaluates land use projects for regulatory compliance and environmental impacts, manages long range planning policy formulation, and related ordinances.  PDS advises the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on all land use projects, policy, and programs in the unincorporated county.  PDS has seven major divisions: Sustainability, Long Range Planning, Building Services, Code Compliance, Land Development, Project Planning, and Support Services. PDS Mission Through operational excellence and attention to customer service, Planning & Development Services (PDS) strives to balance community, economic and environmental interests to ensure the highest quality of life for the public of San Diego County. For additional information on PDS, click . You are invited to apply for Building Inspector I; if selected, you will be an integral part of our mission. Our department is located at the County Operations Center, a modern 44-acre regional complex in Kearney Mesa. The Operations Center includes 18 structures and houses 19 departments, including an employee gym/workout center.   Minimum Qualifications
  1. A valid Residential Combination Inspector certificate or equivalent at the time of application; OR,
  2. A valid Residential Building Inspector certificate or equivalent at the time of application and any two of the following prior to the completion of the probationary period: Residential Electrical Inspector, Residential Plumbing Inspector, or Residential Mechanical Inspector, or equivalent; OR,
  3. A valid CALBO Field Inspector credential at the time of application.
  1. One (1) year of building inspection experience with a public agency responsible for enforcing municipal, county and state building and construction codes; OR,
  2. One (1) year of experience as a construction and trades supervisor or building contractor for single-family dwellings, multi-unit housing and commercial structure; OR,
  3. Completion of a building trades apprenticeship program and two (2) years of journey-level construction experience; OR,
  4. Three (3) years of customer service experience issuing building permits, explaining and researching fees, plans, maps, building codes, land-use and zoning regulations; OR,
  5. An associate's degree from an accredited community college in building inspection technology. 
Notes: Certificates must be issued by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), the International Code Council (ICC), or an equivalent nationally recognized certification entity. Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code, construction inspectors, plans examiners and building officials (also professional engineers, licensed land surveyors and licensed architects) employed by the County of San Diego to perform the above duties, must meet certification requirements and continuing education requirements. Equivalent certifications may be substituted if determined to be applicable. Click to review the complete job description including minimum qualifications, examples of duties, essential functions, etc. The Department of Human Resources removes personally identifiable information from all recruitments. This practice, called Blind Applicant Screening, hides a candidate’s personal information that could influence or bias a hiring decision. Personal information includes name, phone number, address, gender, age and race. This process helps contribute to a fair and equitable selection process leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.   The most highly qualified candidates, based on the evaluation results, will be referred for an interview. Be sure to include your experience in meeting the minimum requirements in both the Work Experience section and the Supplemental Questionnaire section of the Application.   Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the application Work History and/or supplemental questionnaire. Condition of Employment As part of the County of San Diego’s pre-employment process, prospective candidates will undergo a background check (including fingerprinting) and a pre-employment medical screening prior to beginning County employment. Additional types of background investigations may be conducted based on the job-related activities of the position. Current County employees may be excluded from this process. Evaluation Process Qualified applicants will be placed on a six (6) month employment list based on scores received during the evaluation of information contained in their employment and supplemental applications.  Please ensure all information is complete and accurate, as the responses you provide on the supplemental application questionnaire will be reviewed using an automated evaluation system.  If you are successful in the initial screening process, your application will be reviewed individually to confirm that the information you provided is accurate and qualifying. Note: Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of a job, on a case-by-case basis. As an employer of over 19,000 employees, the County of San Diego is an organization committed to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development. We recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by our veterans and value the unique expertise and leadership qualities they bring to our workforce. We strive to provide veterans with the resources and tools necessary to maximize their employment opportunities, and to assist veterans with their transition into civilian life by applying the valuable skills, knowledge and training acquired in service to positions and career paths at all levels within our large organization. Click on the resource links below to learn more about how the County of San Diego supports its veterans.  Veteran’s Preference Policy  The County of San Diego offers preferential credits for military service to assist qualified applicants in transitioning from military to civilian careers with the County of San Diego.  Military Skills Translator  Do you need assistance translating your military experience into civilian experience? This tool can help! The County of San Diego and its employees embrace the vision of: a just, sustainable, and resilient future for all. Our values include: integrity, equity, access, belonging, excellence, and sustainability. Each of which are infused throughout our operations. While also embracing a mission of strengthening our communities with innovative, inclusive, and data driven services through a skilled and supported workforce. Click here for more information on our  as well as our commitment to serve everyone, to build a  that will create a County that works for all.  Under California Government Code Sections 3100 - 3109, public employees are designated as disaster service workers.  The term "public employees" includes all persons employed by the state or any county, city, state agency, or public district.  Disaster service workers are required to participate in such disaster service activities as may be assigned to them by their employer or by law. The County of San Diego is committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion because our diverse workforce is our greatest asset and our customers are our number one priority.