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Full Time

The principals and practices of social casework or clinical delivery systems, medical/psychological diagnostic assessment, basic psychotherapy and counseling techniques.

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Clinical Counselor 4/5 C&f

Lincoln County
Full Time 36 SW Nye St, Newport, OR 97365, United States


CHILD & FAMILY CLINICAL COUNSELOR 4: Annual Salary Range $59,322- $79,724
CHILD & FAMILY CLINICAL COUNSELOR 5: Annual Salary Range $64,064- $86,098

This position is for a Master's Level Mental Health Professional who is committed to providing evidence-based treatment to young children.

Your job in the department is to . . . 

Provides professional community behavioral health services through individual and group psychotherapy and counseling of clients.

Your job also involves . . .

The delivery of behavioral health services for prevention of child abuse and neglect, hospitalizations, crime and delinquency, and for improved County safety and quality of living.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

Typical Qualifications

Minimum Education Level
Specifics: Specializing in counseling, psychology or related field.
Minimum Experience Level
One year
Specifics: One year working with special needs clients.      

Driver’s License
Oregon Driver's License required.
Specifics: This position requires an insurable driving record and a valid Oregon driver’s License within in 30 days of appointment.
Other Licenses
Professional License required.
Specifics: The employee is required to maintain current and active licensure and/or certification and to provide the appropriate verifications at the time of renewals.
Clinical Counselor 4: QMHP required.
Clinical Counselor 5: LPC, LCSW, or LMFT required.

Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Medical and Religious exemptions may be considered per the approval process.

Desirable Qualifications: Bilingual and/or bicultural competencies for Latino population is preferred. CGAC, CADC, EASA, PCIT are preferred.

Knowledge of:

  • The principals and practices of social casework or clinical delivery systems, medical/psychological diagnostic assessment, basic psychotherapy and counseling techniques.
  • General mental health/addictions needs assessments. 
  • Methods to conduct thorough interviews, assessments and evaluations and effectively interpret information in the formulation of a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Skill or ability to:
  • Solve problems and negotiate.
  • Handle high physical demand and complex person interaction.
  • Exercise sound judgement in appraising situations and making decisions regarding complex behavioral health treatment issues.
  • Deal professionally with persons who have mental and emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities or alcohol and drug abuse problems and develop therapeutic relationships with patients and their families.
  • Apply knowledge of needs and resources to development of services.
  • Comprehend and interpret laws, rules and regulations that apply to role.
  • Convey information, ideas, and facts both orally and in writing to supervisors, colleagues, and individuals, inside and outside the county, using language and a format the audience will best understand.   
  • Utilize computers and other technology to communicate in written and verbal forms (e.g., word processing, texts, emails, spreadsheets, department-specific software).
  • Effectively relate well with others, including supervisors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the county. Exhibit a professional manner in dealing with others and working to maintain constructive working relationships.  
  • Take personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Show up to work on time, and follows instructions, policies, and procedures. Meet productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules.