County of CalaverasSan Andreas 95249
Full Time
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Correctional Cook I

County of Calaveras
Full Time Calaveras County Sheriff's Office, 1045 Jeff Tuttle Dr, San Andreas, CA 95249, United States


Position Description

Under direction, to prepare a variety of foods for the County jail population; to assist with the supervision of trustees; care for equipment, utensils, supplies and work areas; do related work as required.

Example of Duties
  •  Assists with the supervision of trustees and personally participates in the food preparation and food services activities in the County jail.
  • Assists with the planning of the general menu and writes menu sheets. 
  • Supervises and assists trustees engaged in preparing meals.
  • Cuts and prepares all types of meat, fowl and fish.
  • Prepares and cooks vegetables, salads, desserts and other foods and beverages.
  • Establishes quality controls, sanitary and procedural standards and policies and inspects food served to prisoners for compliance with established standards.
  • Maintains kitchen in compliance with sanitary standards.
  • Cares for and maintains equipment.
  • Requisitions, inspects and supervises the storage of groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and other food supplies.
  • Keeps records of accounts related to food service operations.
  • Plans and supervises trustees in the planting and maintenance of a large garden.
  • Prepares garden vegetables for preserving. 
  • May occasionally escort prisoners as directed.
Minimum Qualifications
Knowledge of:

Techniques and methods for preparing food in quantities; equipment and utensils used in preparation, cooking and serving food; food storage methods; kitchen sanitation and methods of cleaning and caring for kitchen equipment; and kitchen safety practices.

Ability to:

Direct the work of trustees engaged in food preparation; order food and supplies in proper quantities; prepare designated quantities of food with a minimum of waste; organize work to meet meal schedules; plan and supervise the maintenance of a large garden; and prepare and preserve vegetables.

Education, Training, and Experience:

Equivalent to graduation from high school and one (1) year of responsible experience cooking food in large quantities in an institution or commercial kitchen.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid California Driver's License.