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in the Sheriff's Office Custody Jail Facilities, which includes Santa Barbara Main Jail and the future Santa Maria Jail (separate lists for different locations will not be established).

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County of Santa Barbara
Full Time 24 per week Santa Barbara County Coroner, 66 S San Antonio Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, United States


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: The established employment list will be used to fill vacancies at

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in the Sheriff's Office Custody Jail Facilities, which includes Santa Barbara Main Jail and the future Santa Maria Jail (separate lists for different locations will not be established). Incumbent

s must be willing to accept an assignment at any Custody Jail Facility throughout Santa Barbara County. Applicant must check "All Locations" on the application agency wide question and supplemental questionnaire. 

POSITION: Under general supervision, coordinates the preparation, cooking and serving of meals for large groups of people in a central jail kitchen; trains and oversees a crew of inmates assigned to work in the kitchen; and performs related duties as required.
Food services is responsible for meal preparation of over 3,000 meals a day, 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The position is responsible for limited cooking in an oversight capacity, assigning, and instructing up to 25 inmates to do specific tasks that include slicing meat, making salads, staff cook, making special diet meals, kitchen helper, dishwashers, making sandwiches, and directed to other assignments as necessary. This requires checking with each inmate that they are following instructions and doing assignments correctly.
WORK SCHEDULE: This position requires shift work, days and /or nights, including weekends and holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving and Christmas). Shift schedules include - nights 4 days/10 hours and day shift at 12 hours with rotating days. Night shift qualifies for shift differential pay at .75 cents per hour for regularly assigned night shift work.

County of Santa Barbara Employee Benefits and Compensation

Benefits and Wellness Plans-Medical/Dental/Vision
Compensation Summary .
Retirement Plans: 


12 to 25 days per year depending on length of public employment.


12 days per year

Sick Leave:

12 days sick leave per year. Unlimited accumulation, one year of which can be converted to service credit upon retirement.  

Health Plan: 

Choice of medical and dental plans (with vision care). County contributes toward the employee's premium. 

On-Site Employee Health Clinics in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria:

Provides ongoing and episodic services to eligible employees and their eligible dependents over age 15.

Uniform Allowance:

 $5-$10 bi-weekly

Shift Differential Pay:

75 cents per hour for regularly assigned night shift work

In addition, applicants from other public sector employers may qualify for retirement reciprocity and time and service credit towards an advanced vacation accrual rate.

 Ideal Candidate will possess:

• Reputation for honesty and trustworthiness
• Good moral character
• Credibility
• Integrity
• Dependable
• Good judgment under pressure
• Ability to converse fluently in English and Spanish is desirable.
• An adult felony conviction in California, or with a conviction for an offense in another state which would be classified as a felony in California
• Currently on Probation or Parole
• Adult felony and/or misdemeanor conviction(s) may be disqualifying depending on type, number, severity, and how recent
• Conviction of/or sustained petitions for any sex crime
• Recent drug use; failure to reveal prior use will be disqualifying
• Unfavorable work history
• History of committing domestic violence
* Recent use of marijuana may be disqualifying
* Illegal possession of marijuana
Examples of Duties
  1. Prepares and cooks food in accordance with the State of California requirements for prisoners and inmate calorie intake. 
  2. Uses a variety of kitchen equipment such as blenders, mixers, grinders, and slicers.
  3. Maintains cleanliness of working area and equipment.
  4. Trains and oversees a crew of inmates assigned to prepare, cook, and serve meals and clean kitchen and dining area; estimates food requirements and instructs inmates in the preparation of quality meals.
  5. Coordinates the work of the crew to complete adequate food preparation and serving at the allotted times.
  6. Observes the work of inmates in the kitchen, and instructs inmates in kitchen safety practices and more efficient work methods;
  7. Observes and enforces security procedures; assesses the attitude and temperament of inmates; reports disciplinary and security problems to Corrections staff.
  8. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Employment Standards
  1. One year of experience working in a kitchen cooking and preparing meals in large quantities; or
  2. Completion of a certificate program in culinary arts, restaurant management, or a related field; or,
  3. A combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.

Knowledge of:  the methods and procedures of quantity food preparation; kitchen sanitation and safe food storage practices; use and care of cooking equipment and utensils; kitchen safety; and basic math.

Ability to:  prepare quantities of food required with a minimum of waste; learn to train, supervise, assign and review work of kitchen workers and inmates; prepare food following instructions and guidelines, and serve it attractively; maintain kitchen, dining area, kitchen utensils, and equipment in a sanitary manner; communicate clearly to provide directions to kitchen staff; organize and prioritize work assignments; make simple arithmetic computations; read, understand and follow written and oral instruction including memos and directives from superiors; keep simple records; prepare and serve food in an allotted time and on schedule; maintain effective working relationships with inmates and staff; complete skilled quantity cooking with a minimum of supervision; write simple memos using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling; learn and apply principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and work safely and effectively in a high security jail facility.

Additional Requirements:  Willingness and ability to work weekends, holidays, and shifts is required. Incumbents may be required to lift heavy objects up to 20-25 pounds.

Desirable Qualifications: Experience as a cook in a correctional facility, military, hospital, university or other large-scale eatery.

Background Check: A background investigation will also be conducted.  Current or excessive use of drugs, sale of drugs, serious criminal history, or deception relating to employment history may bar employment.