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Full Time

Answer phones in a professional manner and direct calls to appropriate persons or take detailed messages.

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Providence Schools
Full Time 188 Princeton Ave, Providence, RI 02907, United States


Providence Public Schools District (PPSD) seeks an LEAD SCHOOL CLERKwho is highly qualified and skillful to join our community of teachers, students and stakeholders. This is an exciting opportunity for clerks who seek a challenging yet rewarding experience.

We serve approximately 22,000 students at 37 elementary, middle, and high schools. Approximately 55% of students come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. Combined, our students and families speak over 55 different languages and hail from 91 countries of origin. In PPSD, the teachers and leaders set high expectations for academic achievement, provide equal access to differentiated instruction, and endeavor to close the achievement and opportunity gap among historically marginalized subgroups within the schools.  PPSD is a great place for those who desire an environment that supports their creativity and ingenuity, and respects their credentials and abilities.


LOCATION:                          Gilbert Stuart MS                   

HOURS:                               7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The Lead School Clerk assists the Principal in ALL aspects of the School.  This position will have complete knowledge of all aspects of school policies and procedures as they pertain to students, staff, parents, the general public and administration.  Individual tasks, if at all varied, are assigned in detail and specific instructions are given as to the manner of performance; work is carefully checked by supervisor both in process and in final form for completeness and accuracy. 

Group 5 12  Month - 1339 Union Position


**Contingent upon funding**
High School Diploma or GED Diploma requiredCollege degree from an accredited educational institution preferred*Must have passed the appropriate clerical test*

DUTIES as required:

  • Maintain positive and professional staff and customer relationships
  • Answer phones in a professional manner and direct calls to appropriate persons or take detailed messages
  • Manage communication of information in and out of the office; prepare correspondence, emails, memos (paper and electronic)
  • Support office staff, managers and administrators with general operational tasks; assist and perform general record keeping
  • Assists in any aspect of the departmental operation whenever necessary.
  • Telephone - in-house (intercom), walkie-talkie.  Receive and route calls appropriately.
  • Correspondence - receives and routes mail, packages.  Prepare correspondence; forward accordingly (notices, grievances, and reports):  State, Local and Federal, Use of Building, Health and Safety, Incident/Accident, School/Staff/Parent Notices, Fire Drills and Inspections, Proposals).
  • Maintain up-to-date filing system:  Staff directory, phone listing, student recall listings, waiting lists, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual reports, School Board Agendas.
  • Maintain appointment/meeting calendars/schedules: Building, teacher, parent groups, visitors, workshops, etc.
  • Greet and assist all visitors in a positive manner.
  • Ledger activity associated with balances, spreadsheets & word processing computer application.     
  • Updating and distribution of budget reports.
  • Researching data for preparation of requisitions, typing requisitions.
  • Maintain purchase order file, receiving copies, invoices, packing slips.
  • Direct payments, route for payment in a timely fashion.
  • Assist Administrator/Principal/Director in preparation of annual budget.
  • Typing administrative draft - tabulations/calculations.
  • Maintain inventory of office materials, supplies, B5 in stock supplies, books, postage, health and athletic supplies.
  • Mileage: Type monthly mileage on appropriate forms with direct payment for reimbursement including staff travel expenses and cab vouchers.
  • Prepare/maintain weekly, biweekly, hourly payrolls for administrators, teachers, clerks, aides, etc., relative to regular payroll, overtime, workshops, coverage, breakfast program, in-house coverage, etc., as it applies to the job area.
  • Maintain leave forms, name/address forms, vacation requests, certifications and renewals, etc. for attendance reporting and recordkeeping of payroll.  Sort and distribute checks.
  • SCHOOLS:  Daily attendance, registers, bulletins, via mainframe hook-up or independent system.
  • OFFICES:  As required/established.
(Key:  E=Elementary, M=Middle, H=High, G=Guidance, ALL=E, M, H, & G)
  • E-M-H - Suspensions/Parent Conferences, Referrals, Incident Reports.
  • E-M-H - A-8's, Sign-in Books, Sign-out Books, Accident Reports.
  • E-M-H - Reading Folders, Special Ed Folders, Home Instruction Registers.
  • E-M-H - Nurse, Social Worker, Human Relations Specialists Visits.
  • E-M-H - Transportation-Passes, Field Trips.
  • E-M-H - Minority/Majority and Pupil Enrollment Reports.
  • E-M-G - Health Cards, Rosters (Quarterly), Student Transaction Sheets.
  • E-M-G - Scheduling, Deficiencies, Grade Reporting, Report Cards.
  • E-M-G - Repeat/Failure Notices, Non-promotional Notices.
  • E-M-G - Tracer Cards including restrictions, Home Language Survey.
  • E-G      - Registration, Elem. Only, Forwarding PR Cards, End of Year.        
  • E-M     - Recall lists, (closed classes).
  • H-G     - Athletics, College Info:  Reference Letters, Transcripts.
  • M-H     - Locker Assignments - Student ID Cards.
  • ALL     - PR Cards, Scheduling Cards, Attendance, Exiting Students.
  • ALL     - Testing: Placement and Scores Excused Early Slips.
  • ALL     - Late Slips, Transfer Cards, Student Incentive Programs.
  • Must have passed the appropriate clerical test
  • High School Diploma or GED Diploma requiredCollege degree from an accredited educational institution preferred
  • Must have excellent secretarial skills, including typing, filing, and records maintenance.
  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills, including excellent English grammar, usage and spelling and punctuation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain composure and professionalism in a fast-paced and demanding environment.
  • Must be proficient, or willing to attain proficiency, in various software applications used to maintain electronic records including Microsoft Office Suite, (Outlook, Access, Excel and Word), Lawson Teachscape, AESOP Attendance System and Skyward.
  • Must be proficient in use of standard office equipment, including facsimile, copiers, calculators, telephone system and desktop computer.
  • You must complete the new hire compliance training prior to your first day of employment
  • Must possess and consistently model excellent interpersonal and customer service skills and the ability to maintain composure in a fast-paced and demanding environment.
  • Must have the knowledge and skills to build positive relationships with people from diverse populations
  • Commitment to the mission and vision of PPSD and the relevance of job functions to that mission and vision
  • You must complete the new hire compliance training prior to your first day of employment
  • Selected candidate will be required to pass a pre-employment criminal history background check. Selected candidates cannot begin work until passing their background check.


In addition to meeting the education, training, and experience standards:

  • Must be confidential
  • Bilingual Preferred