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Inform newly released defendants about rules and conditions of release and establish defendants' acceptance and understanding of his or her obligations.

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Case Manager – Enhanced Supervision Division

Harris County
Full Time 49 San Jacinto St 1st Floor, Houston, TX 77002, United States Apply before 10/25/2023 11:59


Responsible for monitoring and enforcing defendants' release conditions, and offering supervision services that minimize failures, and for providing the courts with jurisdiction in criminal cases information needed to act on non-compliance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inform newly released defendants about rules and conditions of release and establish defendants' acceptance and understanding of his or her obligations.

  • Create individualized supervision plans that will help a defendant comply with release conditions, routinely review defendant's ability to comply with rules and conditions.

  • Enforce conditions of release.

  • Contact vendors to initiate defendant placement for services, verify and monitor the provision of requested service.

  • Maintain accurate case notes documenting supervision activities and contacts.

  • Screen defendants to determine if -they need support service referrals to facilitate compliance with release requirements or to address specific needs.

  • Administer drug screening tests to defendants.

  • Analyze drug test results, electronic monitoring, and ignition interlock reports to ascertain defendant activity and condition compliance.

  • Apprise court about violations and formulate recommendations for sanctions or alternatives to incarceration as requested.

  • Testify in Court.

  • Document and maintain information the Agency needs to prepare monthly reports.

  • Respond to inquiries from defendants and the public about the pre-trial process.

  • Collaborate with personnel in criminal justice and human services agencies, representatives of the legal community, and others to achieve Agency goals.

  • Perform all tasks accurately and thoroughly within demanding time frames.

  • Perform other related duties and work overtime as required.

Harris County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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 This position is subject to a criminal history check. Only relevant convictions will be considered and, even when considered, may not automatically disqualify the candidate.


Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Counseling, or other closely related field from an accredited university or college or Bachelor's degree in any other field of study from an accredited university or college with either:

  • A minimum of one (1) year of full-time paid experience in a Criminal Justice setting


  • A minimum of two (2) years of volunteer experience in a Criminal Justice or Social Sciences setting.

Additional Requirements:

  • Bilingual in English and Spanish

  • Valid driver's license (Texas upon hire)

  • Reliable transportation and current auto liability insurance

  • Ability to obtain clearance based on a criminal history background check

  • Personal transportation for use on the job

  • All new employees are required to present evidence of a TB skin test prior to employment. Documentation of yearly TB screen required.

  • Upon receiving a conditional offer of employment, all applicants are screened for the presence of illegal drugs

Applicants for this position will be subject to a criminal background check that includes being fingerprinted. This applies to any position with network access to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) or access to an area where CJIS is received, maintained, or stored either manually or electronically (i.e., custodian, maintenance).
 Automatic Disqualification:

  • Convictions, probation, or deferred adjudication for any Felony, and any Class A Misdemeanor 
  • Convictions, probation, or deferred adjudication for a Class B Misdemeanor, if within the previous 10 years 
  • Open arrest for any criminal offense (Felony or Misdemeanor) 
  • Family Violence conviction

 NOTE: Qualifying education, experience, knowledge, and skills must be documented on your job application. You may attach a resume to the application as supporting documentation but ONLY information stated on the application will be used for consideration. "See Resume" will not be accepted for qualifications.

  • Paid work experience in a criminal justice setting performing case management activates