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Correctional Officer I/ii

County of Calaveras
Full Time Calaveras County Sheriff's Office, 1045 Jeff Tuttle Dr, San Andreas, CA 95249, United States


Position Description
We will be conducting Correctional Officer testing on Friday, September 29th 2023.To be invited to our next testing date submit your application no later than Sunday, September 24th, 2023.
Future testing dates will be: October 27th, November 17th, and December 29th.
Correctional Officer I: $24.74 - $30.07Correctional Officer II: $27.28 - $33.15
A correctional officer is a custodian of inmates in our jail system. It is a position of authority and commitment to integrity. It is a career that upholds the rules of incarceration yet protects the welfare of inmates. Rules at the jail are strictly enforced to protect visitors, correctional staff and inmates.


Under supervision, maintains care and custody of inmates, security, and order on and off the property of Calaveras County; do related work as required, or conduct other duties as assigned by the Sheriff or his/her designee.


Correctional Officer I:

This is the entry-level and first working level in the Correctional Officer series.  Incumbents work in a learning capacity performing Correctional Officer duties related to the care, custody, and confinement of inmates at the County correctional facility.  Initially given detailed direction and supervision in learning the techniques of supervising inmates and jail operations.  Once experience is gained, assignments become more varied, complex, and difficult.   Close supervision and frequent review of work lessens as the incumbent demonstrates skill to perform independent work.   Positions at this level usually perform most of the duties required of the Correctional Officer II, but are not expected to function at the same skill level and usually exercise less independent discretion and judgement in matters related to work procedures and methods.


Correctional Officer II:

This is the fully-qualified level in the Correctional Officer series.  Incumbents have increased responsibility and latitude when performing the full range of assigned duties.  Positions at this level are distinguished from the Correctional Officer I by the performance of the full range of duties as assigned, working independently, and exercising judgment and initiative.  Incumbents at this level only receive occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arrives and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies in the jail.  The incumbent may be required to assume the role of an acting, temporary shift Officer in Charge in certain situations when directed. This class is distinguished from the Correctional Corporal in that the latter is responsible for technical and functional direction of the lower level Correctional Officers and staff.


Positions within the Correctional Officer series are flexibly staffed.  These classifications function as peace officers within the authority and limits of California Penal Code Sections 830.1( c ) and 832.

Example of Duties
  • Receives, books, fingerprints, and photographs inmates.  Receives and records personal property of inmates.   Assures that inmates are searched, clothed, and assigned to cells.   
  • Confines and releases inmates from cells.           
  • Monitors inmate activities.   
  • Operates a County vehicle to transport and escort inmates to and from medical facilities, other detention facilities, courts, and other locations.   
  • Supervises inmates on work details both within and outside of the custodial facility.   
  • Patrols the internal and external perimeters of the custodial facility, making periodic inspections of conditions.           
  • Enforces rules and regulations governing the conduct of inmate and visitors.     
  • Examines mail and packages to be received by inmates.   
  • Maintains discipline and orderly conduct.  Prevents, deters, and stops fights among inmates, restrains disorderly inmates.  Uses appropriate verbal skills to prevent assault by inmates, and uses appropriate self-defense tactics to deflect assault by inmates.    
  • Investigates and/or handles medical emergencies and disorders.  Administers CPR and first aid.  Coordinates with custody nurse for the distribution of prescribed medications to inmates.     
  • Investigates crimes committed within the facility by inmate population and writes accurate reports regarding said investigation.     
  • Operates radios, telephones, and other communication equipment.     
  • Prepares required records pertaining to period of commitment.    
  • Prepares records and reports; completes forms.    
  • Discharges or transfers inmates, prepares appropriate reports and paperwork, releases personal property.    
  • Answers inquiries over the telephone related to jail policies and individual prisoners per applicable regulations.   
  • Receives and gives receipts for bail money; Supervises feeding of prisoners; Assists with routine clerical duties;   
  • Attends State mandated training(s) to achieve and maintain correctional officer certificate(s).  
Minimum Qualifications

Correctional Officer I: 

Knowledge, Skill and Ability to 

Demonstrate an aptitude for correctional work, learn, understand and carry out oral and written instructions; learn the techniques of and perform inmate supervision; , learn, understand and apply departmental and other applicable laws and regulations; learn standard broadcasting procedures of a police radio system, make independent decisions and adopt quick, effective and reasonable course of action with respect for the rights of others; work under stressful or dangerous conditions, often involving considerable personal risk or risk to others; maintain accurate records and prepare clear and concise reports and other written materials; to learn from experience and apply knowledge gained effectively.


Correctional Officer II:

Knowledge of: (Full Performance):Human relations, inmate character and habits, supervision of inmates, disciplinary, security, emergency, and safety policies and procedures, departmental rules and regulations, location of routine and emergency equipment, and appropriate terminology. 


Skill to: (Full Performance):

Use effective verbal and non-verbal communication; perform CPR and first-aid; use riot control equipment, restraining devices, fire extinguishers and other security and safety equipment; and drive a County vehicle while monitoring inmates.  Demonstrate and maintain proficiency with firearms and other assigned defensive weapons and tools. 


Ability to: (Full Performance): Independently enforce jail policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of the jail; independently supervise, monitor, and transport inmates;  make quick, sound, and independent decisions based on facts; appraise situations and people accurately and adopt an effective course of action; keep records and reports; protect oneself and others; handle hostile inmates with minimum amount of force, observe and note unusual occurrences; be aware of surroundings; supervise inmates; and perform duties according to established policies, procedures, rules and regulations.  Ability to supervise junior correctional officers and other staff when directed.

Training and Experience

Equivalent to graduation from high school and:


Correctional Officer I:  Successful completion of the Adult Corrections Officer CORE course as mandated by the California Board of State & Community Corrections (BSCC) and S.T.C. within one year of employment.  


Correctional Officer II: One year of experience equivalent to a Calaveras County Correctional Officer I, successful completion of the Adult Corrections Officer CORE course as mandated by the California Board of State & Community Corrections (BSCC), successful completion of the Penal Code 832 Laws of Arrest and Firearms certification course within one year of advancement to Correctional Officer II.  


Advancement and approval of merit increase is based on performance.

Special Requirements

Must be able to successfully complete a thorough Sheriff’s Department background investigation and be eligible to possess firearms.  Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles is required.  Successful completion of a P.C. 832 course and C.O.R.E training within the one-year probationary period of employment is required.  Correctional Officers will be required to maintain proficiency and skill training throughout their career.                
PHYSICAL DEMANDS:                                                                 

Frequently stand, walk and climb stairs and ladders; sit or stand for extended periods in one position; walk on sloped, slippery and/or uneven surfaces; ability to stoop, kneel, or bend to pick up or move objects weighing over 100 pounds with help; open heavy metal doors routinely throughout a shift, crawl through various areas moving on hands and knees; physical ability to restrain prisoners; normal manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination; corrected hearing and vision to normal range, verbal communication; use of office equipment including computers, telephones, calculators, copiers, and FAX.  Correctional officers are required to wear specialized equipment, some of which is heavy and worn daily.  


This class description lists the major duties and requirements of the job and is not all-inclusive. Not all duties are necessarily performed by each incumbent.  Incumbents may be expected to perform job-related duties other than those contained in the documents and may be required to have specific job-related knowledge and skills.

For more information on the CORE Course please visit: