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At the County of Marin, our employees overwhelmingly report feeling their work is meaningful, they like the work they do, and they are proud to tell people "I work for the County of Marin." Discover more about us, our values and our organizational culture . Read on to find out more about this opportunity: 


At Health & Human Services, we serve our community through the values of support, unity, trust and excellence with one common goal: to promote and protect the health, well-being, safety and self-sufficiency of all in Marin. Join our team of bright, committed, and energetic people who also want to make an impact through public service. 


New, full-time, regular hire Crisis Specialists (Associate or Licensed)  are eligible to receive a $10,000 signing bonus which will be split into two equal payments – 50% at time of hire (i.e. first paycheck) and the remaining 50% at successful completion of their probationary period. This amount is prorated for regular hire part-time employees based on the employee’s FTE. If the new hire voluntarily separates prior to the completion of their probationary period, they will be required to reimburse the County for the amount of the signing bonus received.

We have Crisis Specialist (associate or licensed) positions (Regular) available. Please read about the programs with vacancies below.
 Depending on the position, you may receive one of the differentials below:

  • Extra-hire = 15% 
  • PM/evening shift = 7.5%
  • NOC/overnight shift  = 15%
  • Weekend shift = 10%
  • 10% differential paid for all shifts worked in the jail
We are currently starting all new Crisis Specialists (Associates) hires at the top step: $4,170 biweekly.
We are currently starting all new Licensed Crisis Specialist hires at the top step: $4,438 biweekly. 

 You must work a minimum of four (4) hours within the defined shift to qualify for the shift differential.

There is one (1 FTE) regular position and one (0.75 FTE) regular position open. Once we have new vacancies, we will update this posting and use the eligible list from this recruitment to fill the positions.
The crisis specialists provide psychiatric assessment to clients in a correctional institution. They are responsible for conducting crisis and mental health assessments of inmate patients, either at time of booking or at any point during their incarceration. Evaluations and treatment can include brief psychotherapeutic interventions, medication management, crisis intervention, and 5150 evaluations. With information derived from a clinical interview, nursing and deputy reports, case history, and collateral information, including the reason for their arrest and incarceration, the Crisis Specialist/Licensed Crisis Specialist writes a semi-structured report, develops and then implements a treatment plan for clients under their care including making referrals to appropriate disciplines and agencies (at discharge) based on the indicated need.
The Mobile Crisis Continuum unit encompasses the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) and the Transition and Outreach Team (TOT). These two teams work closely together. All clinicians, across programs, are trained and certified to initiate 5150 applications. Both teams are expected to cross-train and provide coverage as needed. The MCRT focus is on acute crisis intervention and the TOT focus is on short term case management and linkage for clients at risk of or coming out of a behavioral health crisis. 


MCRT: There is one (1) regular ongoing 0.75 FTE In addition, there are currently two (2) youth focused fulltime fixed term positions (ending on 6/30/2024).
TOT: There is one (1) regular ongoing 1.0 FTE vacancy.
The positions will report to the Unit Supervisors assigned to the Mobile Crisis Continuum teams in the Forensic Mental Health Division. The positions are field/community-based and responsive to individuals presenting with behavioral health crisis across Marin County.The roles are an integral part of the  
MCRT  duties include, but are not limited to, community-based intervention as part of a team of two responding to acute behavioral health crises. Duties as the clinician of the day includes answering and logging calls for service, , providing consultation and recommendations as indicated, information and education, as well as provision of solo response to secure and/or safe locations. The youth focused positions may also entail short-term case management, support, and linkage to services as well as collaboration with families, schools, and the foster system. With information derived from a clinical interview, nursing report, case history, and collateral information the Crisis Specialist writes a semi-structured report, develops and then implements a treatment plan for clients under their care including making referrals to appropriate agencies and levels of care based on the assessment. The youth-focused positions will also be required to build relationships and outreach to all schools in the county from elementary age to Junior College. MCRT  roles require a significant degree of independence as well as the ability to collaborate with team members and community-based organizations, including schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and private therapists, independent clinics and juvenile hall.  The positions are shift-based including weekends and may include holidays.  As the program expands, days and times of shifts may change to cover increases in service delivery hours and the requirements around holiday coverage may change. Our current hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturdays 11am – 9pm. 
TOT is considered a safety net service and the duties include, but are not limited to, short term community- based case management alongside a peer counselor with the focus on linkage to long term behavioral health services. The clinician and peer counselor work to identify barriers to connection and support the clients in overcoming those barriers. This team is also responsible for developing an in depth understanding of available resources in the county and utilize warm hand-offs to ensure continuity of care. This is a voluntary service and sometimes requires extended outreach and engagement. As the program expands, days and times of shifts may change to cover increases in service delivery hours and the requirements around holiday coverage may change. 

Schedule/hours availability vary depending on the department needs.

This fixed term positions are initially funded up to (06/30/2024) Please note, the positions may end prior to (06/30/2024) if funding ceases or the work is complete.  In addition, these positions may continue after (6/30/2024) if funding is renewed or extended.  Per PMR 48.2, fixed term employees are not subject to Reduction in Force rights at the completion of the term. 

Highly Desirable: Bilingual skills in Spanish and English are highly desirable.

Bilingual Testing/Certification:
Please note if the successful candidate has bilingual skills, they must demonstrate proficiency in both Spanish and English prior to receiving differential pay. A bilingual proficiency exam will be administered at that time to ensure the candidate possesses the appropriate skill level to meet the requirements.

Our Highly Qualified Candidate:

Our highly qualified candidate will have experience working with mentally ill clients across all ages in crisis or emergent situations.  They will be able to work well with a small team. The candidate will be able to organize their work effectively, as well as being able to document complex clinical information quickly, accurately, and concisely, and utilize this information to rapidly develop a treatment plan.  The ideal candidate can provide a welcoming environment to even the most distraught client.  The ideal candidate will have strong diagnostic and assessment skills in addition to having the ability to work with and relay information to a wide-range of clients, families, and other professionals.  In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience in de-escalating persons in high-stress and/or high anxiety situations in order to maintain the safety of Patients and Staff on unit.
We recognize your time is valuable, so please do not apply if you do not have at least the following required Minimum Qualifications:

EITHER possession of a Master's degree from an accredited institution in social work, psychology, counseling or a closely related field by first date of employment OR possession of a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology or a closely related field by first date of employment AND equivalent to one year of clinical behavioral health experience under qualified supervision in a behavioral health setting appropriate to the assignment.
Certificates & Licenses

From the first day of employment, an employee must be registered with the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences as an Associate Clinical Social Worker, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist OR Associate Professional Clinical Counselor AND employees must successfully pass the licensing exam within six years from the date of employment. 
From the first date of employment, an employee who is an unlicensed Psychologist is required to be waiver-eligible AND must successfully pass the licensing exam within the five-year waiver period. 
Failure to obtain licensure within specified timelines will result in termination of employment. Incumbents must acquire the appropriate licensure before advancing to the Licensed Crisis Specialist.Must be professionally licensed by the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor OR must be professionally licensed as a Clinical Psychologist issued by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Board of Psychology.
Qualified non-California residents must submit proof of license eligibility in California that meets the requirement of their prospective licensing board and be waiver eligible from the California Department of Health Care Services.
Failure to obtain licensure within the specified timelines, and/or loss of State registration at any time, will result in termination of employment.
Employees who drive on County business to carry out job-related duties must possess a valid California driver’s license for the class of vehicle driven and meet automobile insurability requirements of the County including review of a recent DMV history. At the time of the selection interview by the appointing authority, applicants will have to furnish a recent DMV driving record.