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Deputy Probation Officer I/ii/iii

County of Calaveras
Full Time 40 per week The Colombo Building, 23 E St Charles St, San Andreas, CA 95249, United States


Position Description
We will be conducting Deputy Probation Officer testing on Friday, September 29th, 2023.To be invited to our next testing date submit your application no later than Sunday, September 24th, 2023.
Future testing dates will be: October 27th, November 17th, and December 29th.

DPO I: $26.68 - $32.42

DPO II: $29.41 - $35.74

DPO III: $34.04 - $41.38

Deputy Probation Officer I/II

Under general supervision, to investigate cases of juvenile delinquency or dependency or adult applicants for probation; supervise and counsel juveniles and adults on probation; to provide professional casework services to adult and juvenile offenders involving the referral, supervision, counseling and rehabilitation of juveniles and adults on probation.

Deputy Probation Officer III

Under general direction, to provide lead direction, work coordination and training for other Deputy Probation Officers and support staff. Incumbents must have the ability to handle the more complex and sensitive assignments with a minimum of supervision. Positions in this class possess high levels of knowledge and proficiency in Probation assignments and may serve as specialists or consultants in particular programs or functions.


This is the entry level of the D.P.O. series. As incumbents obtain required training and gain experience they are expected to promote to the class of D.P.O. II, normally within one year. Incumbents work initially under close supervision learning the laws, practices and social theory relating to modern probation work; a larger case load and more difficult cases are added as the knowledge and proficiency of the officer increases.

Deputy Probation Officer II 

This is the journey level class of the D.P.O. series and incumbents receive less direct supervision.

Deputy Probation Officer III 

This is the advanced journey working level and lead class of the D.P.O. series.  Incumbents perform the most technical and complex professional Probation casework, as well as the full range of Probation assignments. They are expected to function effectively in leading particular departmental programs and projects. Incumbents will assist in the training and supervision of less experienced Probation Officers.

Example of Duties
  • Conducts pre-court case investigations.
  • Prepares petitions, court reports and social case histories, and makes recommendations for rehabilitative programs.
  • Conducts juvenile intake duties to determine appropriate action to recommend.
  • Investigates adult applicants for probation and makes pertinent recommendations.
  • Counsels and guides probationers.
  • Considers client needs and develops and conducts treatment plans designed to achieve rehabilitation and to bring about desired behavioral changes among probationers.
  • Advises parents, school authorities, and social organizations regarding the progress and the needs of probationers.
  • Refers probationers or their parents to various agencies for help as necessary.
  • Makes periodic reports to the Court on the progress, development and needs of probationers.
  • Makes recommendations for dismissal of cases when satisfactory adjustment has

been affected or for revocation of probation or other disposition in cases failing to adjust properly.

  • Performs delinquency prevention duties, including, counseling, and working with local agencies and groups. A Deputy Probation Officer I receives close supervision and generally handles basic responsibilities. Incumbents in the Deputy Probation Officer II class may handle more complex cases and act with greater independence. Incumbents in the Deputy Probation Officer III class works with the more difficult clients and caseloads.
  • Performs investigation, prepares reports, and supervises clientele with a high degree of independence.
  • A Deputy Probation Officer III may provide supervision, training, and work direction for a small group of Deputy Probation Officers' assigned programs and projects; may serve as Intake Officer determining if a court action is necessary and a petition should be filed.
  • A Deputy Probation Officer III performs crisis counseling as needed; develops treatment plans for probationers.
  • A Deputy Probation Officer III conducts individual and group facilitation and counseling.
  • Makes assessments for appropriate placement of juveniles. A Deputy Probation Officer Ill may assist in researching and evaluating Probation policies and procedures. 
Minimum Qualifications
Knowledge of:

Principles of adult and juvenile probation, social casework, and court procedures; federal, state, and local laws and ordinances affecting adult and juvenile probation work; principles and findings of applied psychology; the causes, extent, prevention and control of crime and

delinquency; interviewing and counseling techniques.

Ability to: 

Understand and deal effectively with probationers and applicants for probation; analyze investigational material and make proper deductions; prepare and present effective written and oral reports; determine the truth of statements; work cooperatively with peace officers, attorneys, school officials and others contacted in the course of duties. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing. D.P.O III provides lead direction and work coordination for other Deputy Probation Officers and support staff.

Education, Training, and Experience:
Deputy Probation Officer I

Completion of a 4 year degree from an accredited college or university in social welfare, psychology, sociology, criminology or a related field. Experience in supervising, counseling or providing assistance to delinquent and/or offender populations is highly desirable.

Deputy Probation Officer II

In addition to the above, one year of professional experience as a Probation Officer I and possession of certificates of completion of Deputy Probation Officer Core Course and 832 P.C. course.

Deputy Probation Officer III

In addition to the above, three years of professional experience as a Probation Officer II or education and experience equivalent to experience as a Deputy Probation Officer II. Deputy Probation Officers without a bachelors degree hired before July 2007 may substitute five years as a Deputy Probation Officer II with the County of Calaveras.

Employment as listed above can be considered for up to two years of college credits on a year to year basis.

Special Requirements

Possession of an appropriate California driver's license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles may be required; completion of an STC approved course pursuant to Penal Code Section 832 is mandatory to enable officer to exercise arrest, search and seizure duties.

Must satisfactorily complete the Probation Officer Core Course within one year of hire.

Deputy Probation Officer II/III, (in addition to the above) must possess certificate of completion of STC approved Probation Officer core course. Must complete 40 hours of

STC training annually.