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Job Summary
The County of San Diego is currently looking for Electricians!   PER COUNTY RULES: THIS POSITION IS ELIGIBLE FOR APPOINTMENT AT STEP 3, $74,131.20.00 ANNUALLY. County employees are subject to the County Promotion Rule for Step Placement in Accordance with Compensation Ordinance 1.3.5. Some positions may receive a Locked Facilities Premium and shall be compensated an additional fifty cents ($0.50) per hour for each hour worked in a locked facility in the Sheriff’s Department.  Practical examinations will take place the week of October 16th, 2023, interviews will take place the week of October 23rd2023, and JOB OFFERs will be made the week October 30th, 2023. Future Salary Increases **July 2024 - 5.73% increase to base pay (2.98% Across-the-Board + 2.75% Market Increase)** Did you know the county encompasses an area of over 4,000 square miles and is divided into four regions containing 17 zones for maintenance purposes. This work includes preventive maintenance on essential building systems, time critical response to emergency repairs, accomplishment of unscheduled maintenance services, compliance and service quality oversight for contract support and at select County facilities. Each zone consists of a Building Maintenance Supervisor (BMS) with a crew of Facilities Operations professionals consisting of Building Maintenance Engineers/Assistants (BME/A), Carpenters, HVAC Technicians, Electricians, Electronic Security Technicians, Welders, Painters, Masons, and Plumbers, as well as overseeing contract vendors that support their operations. Electricians are independently responsible for general electrical work involving the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical devices and systems; and to perform related work as required. County of San Diego Electricians will have journey-level experience responding to incidents by inspecting electrical systems and equipment and either repairing malfunctions or making arrangements for repairs depending on the complexity of the malfunction; preparing estimates pertaining to time, materials and equipment needed for maintenance/repair projects; installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing electrical devices and systems found in commercial facilities and buildings. For information on the Department of General Services, here. to view the complete job description. Interview and Hiring dates The timeline for this recruitment is outlined below:  
  • Interviews, Job Offers and Background Process begin in October 2023. Note: Current County employees may be excluded from additional background screening. 
  • Pre-employment Medical Screening: Approximately 3 days following successful background investigation results.
  • Anticipated Start Date: Start date will be based upon successful completion of medical screening or other mutually agreed upon date.
The Department of Human Resources removes personally identifiable information from all recruitments. This practice, called Blind Applicant Screening, hides a candidate’s personal information that could influence or bias a hiring decision. Personal information includes name, phone number, address, gender, age and race. This process helps contribute to a fair and equitable selection process leading to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  The most highly qualified candidates, based on the evaluation results, will be referred for an interview.  Be sure to include your experience in meeting the minimum requirements in both the Work Experience section and the Supplemental Questionnaire section of the Application. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of the application Work History and/or supplemental questionnaire.  If you are not selected for this interview process, you may have the opportunity to compete for future vacancies.  Minimum Qualifications Four (4) years of full-time work experience as a contractor's assistant or equivalent position responsible for performing general electrical work involving the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical devices and systems. Previous experience must have included at least two (2) years of full time journey level experience performing skilled electrical work in a building trade or other trades. Note: The possession of a current Electrical Contractors License issued by the State of California or other recognized state or regulatory agency is considered qualifying. to view the complete job description. Condition of Employment As part of the County of San Diego’s pre-employment process, prospective candidates will undergo a background check (including fingerprinting) and a pre-employment medical screening prior to beginning County employment. Additional types of background investigations may be conducted based on the job-related activities of the position. Current County employees may be excluded from this process.  Evaluation Process   Qualified applicants will be placed on a six (6) month employment list based on scores received during the evaluation of information contained in their employment application. Please ensure all information is complete and accurate as the responses you provide on the supplemental application questionnaire will be reviewed using an automated evaluation system. If you are successful in the initial screening process your application will be reviewed individually to confirm that the information you provided is accurate and qualifying. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable an individual with qualified disabilities to perform the essential functions of a job, on a case-by-case basis. As an employer of over 19,000 employees, the County of San Diego is an organization committed to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development. We recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by our veterans and value the unique expertise and leadership qualities they bring to our workforce. We strive to provide veterans with the resources and tools necessary to maximize their employment opportunities, and to assist veterans with their transition into civilian life by applying the valuable skills, knowledge and training acquired in service to positions and career paths at all levels within our large organization. Click on the resource links below to learn more about how the County of San Diego supports its veterans. The County of San Diego offerspreferential credits for military service to assist qualified applicants in transitioning from military to civilian careers with the County of San Diego.    Do you need assistance translating your military experience into civilian experience? This tool can help! The County of San Diego and its employees embrace the vision of: a just, sustainable, and resilient future for all. Our values include: integrity, equity, access, belonging, excellence, and sustainability. Each of which are infused throughout our operations. While also embracing a mission of strengthening our communities with innovative, inclusive, and data driven services through a skilled and supported workforce. Click here for more information on our as well as our commitment to serve everyone, to build a that will create a County that works for all. Under California Government Code Sections 3100 - 3109, public employees are designated as disaster service workers. The term "public employees" includes all persons employed by the state or any county, city, state agency, or public district. Disaster service workers are required to participate in such disaster service activities as may be assigned to them by their employer or by law. The County of San Diego is committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion because our diverse workforce is our greatest asset and our customers are our number one priority.