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Emergency Communications Dispatcher

County of Humboldt
Full Time Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, 826 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501, United States


When you work for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, you aren’t just another employee, you are family. Our family is growing and we want YOU to join! We are looking for people who like to stay busy, can multi task and have excellent communication skills while still being able to understand and maintain confidentiality standards.  

What You'll Do:
  • Receive, analyze, and evaluate 911, Sheriff's emergency and business calls, inquires and complaints, via multi-line and TDD terminals
  • Dispatch Sheriff units, ambulances or other staff and equipment to emergency or non-emergency locations
  • Enter call information in written or computer-based format and maintain records of radio calls
  • Maintain radio contact with mobile and portable units
  • Respond to deputy-initiated radio traffic and request and disseminate suspect information from roll call boards, prior calls, and bulletins
  • Assists units/personnel from other agencies upon request
Where You'll Do It:Positions are all located in the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department at the Humboldt County Courthouse. 
Successful candidates will be required to pass an extensive background investigation prior to appointment.
Evening, night and weekend work will be required.
This recruitment is open until filled. County Human Resources reserves the right to close this recruitment at any time.

Under general supervision, receives 911 system emergency and non-emergency calls; dispatches assignments according to established emergency and County procedures; operates various telecommunications equipment; performs related work as assigned.


Initially under close supervision, incumbents learn Sheriff's Department, County, state and federal rules and regulations as well as the operation of varied communications related equipment. With experience incumbents become fully competent to independently perform responsible emergency dispatching on an assigned shift. This class is distinguished from Senior Communications Dispatcher in that the latter is the working lead level in the Emergency Communications Dispatching series, with responsibility for assisting the Emergency Communications Supervisor with the planning and direction of emergency communications activities.

  • Receives, analyzes and evaluates 911, Sheriff's emergency and business calls, inquiries and complaints, via multi-line and TDD terminals; transfers calls to appropriate parties or creates a call for dispatch.
  • Determines proper jurisdiction and/or staff to be dispatched.
  • Dispatches Sheriff units, ambulances or other staff and equipment to emergency or non-emergency locations.
  • Operates computer consoles for call input, dispatching and continuous update of suspect information and deputy location.
  • Enters call information in written or computer-based format; logs and fills out call forms; maintains records of radio calls.
  • Operates multi-channel radio systems; monitors other channels while maintaining radio traffic on main channels.
  • Operates computer equipment to access local, state and federal criminal justice information systems; operates teletype systems to transmit and receive information.
  • Maintains radio contact with mobile and portable units; recognizes units from other agencies and assists them with County units or provides requested information.
  • Monitors varied alarm and/or surveillance equipment; takes action depending upon apparent needs.
  • Responds to deputy-initiated radio traffic and requests and disseminates suspect information from roll call boards, prior calls and bulletins.
  • Maintains and accesses business and premise history and index files for emergency and other necessary contacts.
  • Handles in-house and radio paging, and other after-hours phone lines.
  • Provides court testimony related to calls as required.
  • Performs basic equipment adjustments and maintenance; maintains records and files and may perform associated office support duties.
  • Provides work instruction to newly-hired emergency communications dispatchers.
Knowledge of:
  • Terminology and procedures used in sheriff's and related emergency radio and telephone communications.
  • Operation of communication equipment including telephone, radio, paging, computer and related systems.
  • Rules, regulations, codes and laws related to the work.
  • The topography and communities of Humboldt County.
  • Basic recordkeeping principles and practices.
  • Standard office equipment including computerized equipment and typewriter.
Skill in:
  • Obtaining information from individuals in emergency situations, including those who are emotionally distraught, angry or difficult to understand.
  • Assessing and prioritizing emergency situations.
  • Remaining calm and making rapid and sound independent judgments in stressful emergency situations.
  • Operating complex radio, telephone, computer, and teletype systems.
  • Memorizing codes, names, locations and other detailed information.
  • Communicating tactfully and effectively with the public, public safety personnel and others.
  • Typing with sufficient speed and accuracy to operate keyboards, including typewriters and computer terminals.
  • Following oral and written instructions.
  • Performing routine office support and record keeping duties.
Other Requirements:

Must be able to pass a detailed background investigation. Must be willing to work evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts. Must be willing to be called back or held over to maintain minimum staffing levels. Must be able to meet mandated P.O.S.T. standards.

Desirable Education and Experience

A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills outlined above is:

Two years of public contact which has included exchange of factual information including one year of emergency dispatching experience.