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Full Time

Acts as a formal supervisor, exercising direct supervision, including selecting new employees, monitoring and formally evaluation employee performance, and participating in the disciplining and termination of employees.

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Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Supervisor

City of Las Vegas
Full Time Clark County Public Works Department, 500 S Grand Central Pkwy # 2, Las Vegas, NV 89155, United States


The City of Las Vegas is accepting applications for Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Supervisor. This position supervises, assigns and reviews the work of staff responsible for industrial pre-treatment and construction stormwater inspections, ensuring compliance with area wide standards; oversees and participates in all work activities; and performs a variety of technical tasks relative to assigned area of responsibility. May also support the city’s overall Environmental Compliance & Enforcement (ECE) program, which includes air & water quality, hazardous materials/waste management and other environmental-related support duties.

Supervision Received and Exercised

Receives direction from higher level supervisory management staff.   

Acts as a formal supervisor, exercising direct supervision, including selecting new employees, monitoring and formally evaluation employee performance, and participating in the disciplining and termination of employees.

Type of Examination:
A civil service examination will be conducted in accordance with the Civil Service Rules of the city of Las Vegas.The supplemental questions are the examination. Falsification of information may result in disqualification from a recruitment or removal from a City position. Additional information will not be accepted after the closing date. The supplemental questions are weighted 100% for placement on an eligible list, and must be worked on individually by the applicant only. The supplemental questions of all qualified applicants will be reviewed for placement on an eligible list.   

Selection Process: 
Final candidate selection will include list placement and may include hiring interview (if applicable). Any individual offered employment will be required to pass a pre-employment drug test, complete background check,and may be required to demonstrate the ability to perform the physical requirements of the job. Some positions may require preliminary background checks.  


Essential Functions:

  1. Plans, prioritizes, assigns, supervises and reviews work of staff responsible for ensuring compliance and enforcement for the City Industrial Pretreatment and Stormwater programs per local, state, and Federal regulations.
  2. Acts as first line supervisor for designated staff within a department, including interviewing and selecting of job applicants, training, overseeing work, and establishing and evaluating appropriate performance standards in accordance with department objectives. 
  3. Recommends and assists in the implementation of section goals, objectives, policies and procedures. Assists with the annual development and submission of business plan measures. Prepares and presents monthly performance statistics and reports. Recommends and implements approved policies and procedures.
  4. Oversees the staff inspections of applicable industrial users and construction projects.  Duties include setting inspection schedules and ensuring inspections are completed as required, identifying and investigating applicable environmental complaints, notifying industrial users and construction project management of violations and preparing formal enforcement actions for signature where appropriate, consistent with the Department’s Enforcement Response Plan. 
  5. Plans and conducts a variety of complex onsite inspections for applicable industrial users and construction projects, as necessary.
  6. Provides technical direction, training, and establishes and evaluates appropriate task completion in accordance with established project standards.
  7. Develops and implements procedures for ensuring that applicable industrial wastewater users are identified, properly characterized and appropriately regulated.
  8. Ensures employees adhere to established work methods, techniques and schedules, and comply with applicable city and department policies, procedures, standards and specifications; reviews needs with appropriate management staff; allocates resources accordingly.
  9. Provides technical assistance for industrial users and the construction industry about the standards and requirements of the Industrial Pretreatment and Stormwater programs as needed.  
  10. Writes and assists staff in the development of Class I and Class II Industrial Wastewater permits and Temporary Wastewater Control permits.
  11. Prepares the EPA Annual Pretreatment Report for management signature.
  12. Oversees that data management for the Industrial Pretreatment and Stormwater programs is accurate and timely. 
  13. Prepares summary reports from industrial user and construction project data for review by management, staff, and outside agencies, as needed.

Marginal Functions:

  1. Reviews changes to applicable state and Federal regulations that affect the Industrial Pretreatment and Stormwater programs.  Coordinates with staff and management to update standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the applicable City Municipal Code, as necessary, to be consistent with local, state and Federal regulations and maintain effective programs.
  2. Attends meetings with City staff and other agencies; represents the City in discussions related to Industrial Pretreatment and Stormwater Program procedures and regulations.
  3. Serves as liaison for the Division with other City departments, divisions, the public and other agencies.  Represents the Division in various committees and working groups.  Coordinates the routine exchange of information and data with other City departments and agencies.
  4. Performs related duties and responsibilities as required.


Four years of increasingly responsible environmental compliance and enforcement experience in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater pretreatment, industrial stormwater, or construction stormwater. Two years of supervisory or lead experience. 


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in chemistry, biology, environmental science, environmental studies, engineering, general physics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics or a field related to the essential functions.  

A combination of formal education and directly related work experience may substitute for the degree. The city assesses 1.5 years of fulltime experience as equivalent to one year of education.

License or Certificate:

Possession of an appropriate, valid driver's license on the date of application, and maintenance thereafter.

Possession of a Grade I Industrial Waste Inspector certificate from the Nevada Water Environment Association, on the date of application and certification maintenance thereafter.

Possession of the Qualified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater certification by StormwaterONE or equivalent, on the date of application and certification maintenance thereafter. 

Employee must attend work zone safety training as requested by Department management.


Knowledge of:

Principles of supervision, training and performance evaluation.

Operational characteristics, services, activities, and inspections of the industrial pretreatment, industrial stormwater, and construction stormwater programs.

Methods and techniques of prioritizing job duties and deadlines.

Principles and techniques of field inspections.

Local geography, street, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, detention basin and channel locations within city jurisdiction.

Current technology and issues related to the field of environmental protection and compliance.

Pertinent local, state, and federal codes, ordinances, laws, policies, and regulations related to the environmental protection and compliance.

Proficient computer use to include word processing, databases, spreadsheets, GIS and presentations.

English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Policies and procedures of the assigned department.

Principles, practices and techniques of customer service delivery.

Methods and techniques of conflict resolution.

Chemistry and proper handling of chemicals and hazardous wastes.

Confined space entry hazards.

International Municipal Signal Association and American Traffic Safety Services Association standards as described in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Skills In:

Analyzing complex problems, identifying alternative solutions, projecting consequences of proposed actions, recommending best options and implementing approved solution in support of goals.

Meeting all assigned environmental permit and reporting requirements.

Interpreting and enforcing city, state and Federal codes, ordinances and regulations related to the area of assignment.

Compiling and collecting data.

Interpreting laboratory analysis data and laboratory reports.

Operating sampling and field equipment.

Ability to:

Meet deadlines established by higher level supervisory and management staff. 

Plan, organize, prioritize, assign and QA/QC the environmental compliance inspector inspection assignments.

Demonstrate integrity, accountability, and efficient stewardship of the Environmental Compliance & Enforcement inspection programs.

Use initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines.

Effectively collaborate with coworkers, regulatory agencies, and the public inorder to achieve results for the Environmental Compliance & Enforcement programs.

Appropriately represent the city in difficult public contact situations.

Interpret, apply, explain, and enforce pertinent environmental city, state, and Federal codes, ordinances, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.


In addition to Core Workforce Competencies:

Supervisor Competencies

Professionalism – Models core values by being honest, respectful and positive; continuously demonstrates the core values of the city; supervisory actions are collaborative whenever possible and intended to grow the city’s capacity at an individual, unit, division and/or department level.

Managing Performance – Takes responsibility for own and assigned employees’ performance, by setting clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring regular feedback, and addressing performance problems and issues promptly.

Decisiveness – Willingness to make difficult decisions in a timely manner.

Developing and Empowering Others – Willingness to delegate responsibility; coaching assigned employee to develop their capabilities.

Facilitating Partnerships – Builds community and partnerships both inside and outside the organization.

Forward Thinking – Anticipating the consequences of situations and decisions; taking appropriate action to be prepared for possible changes.

Providing Support – Provides the tools and creates a supportive environment that allows others to successfully complete their work.