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County of Humboldt
Full Time 825 5th St #4, Eureka, CA 95501, United States


District Attorney InvestigatorThe District Attorney Investigative Division is comprised of Investigators specializing in their unique assignments such as, drug task force, juvenile crimes, workers compensation fraud, consumer and auto fraud, environmental crimes, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual assault and child abuse and general felony/misdemeanor crimes. The Criminal Investigation Division is desirous of law enforcement officers with excellent professional reputations; the knowledge, skill, and ability to complete complex investigations; and the ability to work cooperatively with staff, prosecutors, and victims.
Please attach a copy of your P.O.S.T. certificate to your application.

What You'll Do:
  • Assist Deputy District Attorneys with court proceedings though investigative work.
  • Assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with major crime investigations.
  • Serve subpoenas, manage and prep witnesses/victims for testimony. 
Where You'll Do It:
Humboldt County District Attorney's Office
Humboldt County Courthouse
825 5th Street, 4th Floor
Eureka, CA 95501

Under general supervision, conducts investigations for the District Attorney's office relating to felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, civil, conservatorship and related cases; performs related work as assigned.

This is an experienced investigations class, fully competent to provide investigative support for a variety of District Attorney cases. Incumbents have designated peace officer status and exercise a high degree of independent judgment and have ongoing decision-making responsibility in their work. This class is distinguished from Senior Investigator (District Attorney) in that the latter is the lead/specialist level of the series providing lead direction for assigned staff and for performing investigative work on the more sensitive or complex cases.

• Plans, directs and conducts investigations related to a variety of criminal, civil and juvenile cases, including child abuse, code enforcement, narcotics, sexual assault and welfare fraud.
• Locates and interviews defendants, complainants, law enforcement officials, witnesses and other involved parties; interviews defendants in custody in jails, juvenile hall and mental facilities.
• Analyzes and evaluates police, court and other records; prepares and serves subpoenas; prepares search and arrest warrants.
• Collects, secures and preserves evidence, photographs, fingerprints and diagrams; prepares court exhibits.
• Makes arrests, raids and highly sensitive investigations.
• Researches and locates witnesses; maintains a list of expert witnesses.
• Collects and verifies documents, statements, evidence and testimony; assists attorneys in analysis of cases.
• Prepares a variety of investigative reports related to assigned cases; organizes and maintains caseload records.
• Testifies in court to verify information/data collected during investigations.
• Initiates and processes special legal procedures pertaining to court and/or child support cases.
• Operates and maintains a variety of recording equipment; assists in conducting polygraph examinations.
• Assists in developing investigation policies and procedures.


Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of law enforcement, including crime scene and arrest and custody procedures.
  • Principles, methods and equipment used in the investigation of crimes.
  • Methods of tracing and locating individuals that have disappeared.
  • Laws, codes and ordinances governing rules of evidence and criminal investigations.
  • Methods and techniques of interviewing.
  • Recordkeeping and reporting requirements for criminal investigations.
  • Standard office practices and procedures, including the use of a personal computer.
Skill in:
  • Investigating and analyzing crime scene and other evidence, evaluating findings and reaching sound conclusions.
  • Interviewing and obtaining information from witnesses, suspects and others.
  • Maintaining accurate records and files.
  • Tracing and locating individuals using a variety of methods.
  • Exercising sound independent judgment within established guidelines.
  • Preparing clear and concise reports, correspondence and other written materials.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work.

Other Requirements:

Must possess a valid California driver's license. Must be willing to work off-hours or on a call-out basis. Must maintain firearms qualification. Must possess a P.O.S.T. basic certificate.

Desirable Education and Experience:
A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills outlined above is:
Five years of experience as a peace officer in a law enforcement agency or two years of experience as a law enforcement officer at a level equivalent to the County's class of Deputy Sheriff II.