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Medical Social Worker Ii

County of Santa Clara
Full Time, Part Time West Valley Staffing Group, 390 Potrero Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, United States


Under general direction, to provide skilled social work services to patients/clients and/or their families requiring service involving a variety of complex bio-psycho-social issues, intervention planning and implementation. Provides consultation, orientation and training to health care staff on the effects of bio-psycho-social, cultural and economic issues on the management of patient/client health needs.

The established list may be used for full-time/part-time/extra help/pm shifts/weekends vacancies as they occur. Locations include O'Connor Hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, St. and Louise Regional Hospital.   

COVID-19 Risk Tier – Higher Risk

Typical Tasks
  • Provides social work services to patients/clients and/or their families with complex bio-psycho-social adjustment issues;
  • Develops with patients/clients and/or families appropriate intervention plans based on careful assessment of bio-psycho-social factors in the situation;
  • Provides social work intervention and services to individual patients/clients who are coping with temporary or permanent disability, critical illness or terminal illness;
  • Works with patient/client and/or family on the implementation of these plans with independence and initiative;
  • Interprets relevant bio-psycho-social, emotional and economic factors to other health care staff;
  • Works collaboratively with health care staff in the multifaceted management of bio-psycho-social needs and issues;
  • Individualizes the use of community resources according to patient's/client's needs and abilities to utilize or follow-up on referrals for community service;
  • Serves as resource specialist toward meeting needs of patient/client and/or family and toward educating house staff on the availability and lack of availability of resources in the community;
  • Provides information to community upon request about resources and services available through the SCVHHS;
  • Educates patient/client and family on the effective use of the SCVHHS services;
  • Prepares written social assessment and follow-up notes for the patient's records;
  • Participates in staffing, interdisciplinary case conferences and presents relevant social work material orally at such meetings;
  • Participates in ongoing research projects and proposal development and writing;
  • Makes eligibility determinations with documentation provided by staff or client;
  • Performs related work as assigned.
Employment Standards

Possession of a Master's degree in Social Work field from an accredited college and four years of increasingly responsible social work experience at least two years of which must be equivalent to the Medical Social Worker I in Santa Clara County.

Possession of a valid California Driver's license may be required for some positions prior to appointment.

Some positions may require a background check.

Knowledge of:

  • Principals, objectives and techniques of social work;
  • Individual and group behavior;
  • Human growth and development and family relationships;
  • Bio-psycho-socio-economic factors affecting individuals and families;
  • Community organization and resources;
  • Public social service agencies and function of these agencies.
Ability to:
  • Establish and maintain rapport with patients/clients and/or their families;
  • Maintain objective, disciplined, professional relationships with patients/clients and/or their families;
  • Work cooperatively with health care staff co-workers and others in the community;
  • Utilize social work techniques and community resources;
  • Prepare written and oral reports;
  • Work within written procedures and guidelines of the SCVHHS;
  • Maintain accurate records of social work activities with patients/clients and their families;
  • Keep simple statistics on professional activities.