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Occupational Therapist

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Full Time Humboldt County Department of Human & Health Services, 507 F St, Eureka, CA 95501, United States


Department of Health & Human Services
Are you interested in making a difference? If so, please consider joining our dedicated team at the Department of Health & Human Services! California Children's Services (CCS) Glen Paul Medical Therapy Unit (MTU) is a Medi-Cal certified Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Center which offers physical and occupational therapy and a multidisciplinary Medical Therapy Conference for children/youth with qualifying diagnoses. The therapy services are funded through federal and state funding, with no cost to parents. Most clients have chronic neurological or musculoskeletal conditions ranging from very mild to very severe. Children aged 0-3 who are at risk for developing a chronic condition may also be eligible. The Medical Therapy Unit in Humboldt County is located at the Glen Paul School campus with a view of beautiful Redwoods.

Our philosophy is to provide care that is evidence based and family centered, working together as a team and collaborating with community partners
What You'll Do: 
This position is responsible for a variety of duties, including;
  • Evaluate the special needs of children and youth who are at risk for or have chronic neurological or musculoskeletal conditions, using appropriate assessment tools including, but not limited to evaluation of neurological status, developmental milestones, fine motor skill attainment, and participation in home and community settings; explain results of evaluations to child/youth, families, and physicians.
  • Develop, implement and modify occupational therapy treatment plans to improve the health and development of children. In partnership with the children/youth and caregivers, address functional and participation goals in daily living habits including self-care, community/social participation, play and work.
  • Make on-site visits to home and community environments to identify improvements in the physical setting that can be made; and/or determines need for and fit of adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs, braces and splints to make a more adaptive environment for the child/youth.
  • Maintain accurate records and case notes; prepare treatment plans, correspondence and other written materials.
  • Assist in transition to adult care medical services, including occupational therapy services and services for durable medical equipment. 
Where You'll Do It: 
This position is located in Eureka, California.

 A typical work schedule for this position is M-F 8-5
(flexible upon successful completion of the probationary period)

Under general supervision, plans, performs and directs occupational therapy for handicapped persons, primarily children; participates as a team member with physicians, physical therapists, parents and others in furthering the development of the child's daily living habits; performs related work as assigned.

This is a skilled professional class responsible for evaluating the special needs of handicapped children and developing occupational therapy programs to assist in their development. This class is distinguished from Physical Therapist in that the latter provides physical therapy to assist with the child's neuromuscular development.

  • Plans, organizes and participates in occupational and recreational activities to further the development of a child's daily living habits.
  • Consults with physicians to determine appropriate types of occupational therapy for the mental and physical improvement of patients.
  • Selects constructive activities suited to patient's physical capacity, intelligence level, interest and desired results.
  • Instructs patients in creative arts, educational subjects, prevocational subjects and recreational activities.
  • Instructs patients in methods of accomplishing their daily living habits; helps them learn to feed themselves, use bathroom facilities, dress, bathe, write, play and interact with their peers and adults.
  • Conducts individual and group sessions to help children feel less restricted in their environment; to learn additional leisure time activities, and to learn how to cook, do laundry and take care of themselves.
  • Determines need for and fit of adaptive equipment, such as wheelchairs, adaptive inserts, braces and splints; provides adaptive equipment selection, fabrication and maintenance.
  • Observes and makes verbal and written documentation of patient progress.
  • Assists in educating school personnel, public health personnel and other interested groups in order to understand and cooperate in the physical and psychological objectives of occupational therapy treatments.
  • Participates in staff conferences and team meetings involving educational personnel, welfare services, physical therapists, vendors and speech therapists to further the child's development.
  • Makes on-site visits to homes and schools to identify improvements in the physical setting that can be made to make a more adaptive environment for the child.
  • Maintains accurate records and case notes; prepares treatment plans, correspondence and other written materials.
  • Coordinates with other program staff to ensure treatment plans are implemented and documentation is maintained as required.

Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of arts, crafts and recreational activities.
  • Theory of mental and physical rehabilitation underlying the practice of occupational therapy.
  • Neuro-muscular function and dysfunction.
  • Skeletal and muscular anatomy.
  • Psychological problems of the handicapped and their families.
  • Use and care of special tools, prostheses and equipment.

Skill in:
  • Instructing and assisting with therapeutic activities.
  • Explaining and interpreting tests, diagnoses, objectives and methods of occupational therapy to patients, parents and school personnel.
  • Working as a team member to ensure carryover in the treatment and training of patients. Integrating occupational therapy activities with other medical and developmental programs.
  • Preparing accurate and complete case notes, correspondence, reports and other written materials.
  • Using initiatives and sound judgment within established guidelines.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work.

Other Requirements:
  • Must possess a valid California driver's license.
  • Must possess a valid license from the California Board of Occupational Therapy.

Desirable Education and Experience:
  • A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills outlined above is: One year of credentialed experience performing occupational therapy with children.