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Full Time

Required Qualifications:     Must be over 18 years of age      High school education or equivalent is preferred    2 years of previous warehouse experience is prefered    Strong written and verbal communication skills     Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills     Basic computer skills    Manual dexterity required for operating machinery     Able to lift up to 50 lb frequent lifting and/or carrying objects weighing up to 35 lb     Some client locations require a current valid driver’s license.

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Overnight Warehouse Worker/recycler

Full Time 4641 Webb Ln, Knoxville, TN 37921, United States


The Warehouse Worker’s main responsibilities include receiving and processing incoming products, preparing orders for transport, and performing inventory and quality control duties. This person ensures the warehouse is clean and organized, maintained in accordance with the facility protocols and safety standards.

Job Responsibilities

    Responsible for receiving and inspecting products, accurately labeling items and reporting any discrepancies in reconciliation of deliveries and invoices. 
    Responsible for organizing and storing all incoming products in assigned locations, applying FIFO (first in, first out) inventory controls for perishable products. 
    May require training and operation of a manual pallet jack, electric pallet jack, and/or forklifts.
    Picks inventory to assemble orders of product, supplies and equipment for requisitions or established par levels. 
    Follow all Standard Operating Procedures to meet accuracy and production standards. 
    Load, unload and transport products and materials to different areas of the warehouse and/or other client locations. May require use of carts, powered industrial vehicles (PIV), or motor vehicles.
    Responsible for conducting routine physical inventory counts based on established location schedules. 
    Accurately complete administrative duties including records such as inventory count documents, temperature and spoilage logs, equipment inspections, and any other relevant business records. This may be on paper or in a technology-based system (hand-held device or PC).
    Clean work areas as assigned, including but not limited to restrooms, break areas, loading dock, freight elevator and freight platform delivery areas when applicable. 
    Implement all location safety policies, OSHA requirements, SDS standards, and emergency procedures. Use all required safety equipment and personal protective equipment. 
    Takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of client and company assets. 
    Interact with clients, employees, vendors, customers, and guests about business-related activities and attend meetings, as required.

At Aramark, developing new skills and doing what it takes to get the job done make a positive impact for our employees and for our customers. In order to meet our commitments, job duties may change or new ones may be assigned without formal notice.



Required Qualifications: 
    Must be over 18 years of age  
    High school education or equivalent is preferred
    2 years of previous warehouse experience is prefered
    Strong written and verbal communication skills 
    Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills 
    Basic computer skills
    Manual dexterity required for operating machinery 
    Able to lift up to 50 lb frequent lifting and/or carrying objects weighing up to 35 lb 
    Some client locations require a current valid driver’s license. If this is required, an MVR will be run as part of your pre-employment screening process.

This role may have physical demands including, but not limited to, lifting, bending, pushing, pulling and/or extended walking & standing.  This role may also require uniforms and/or usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).