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Police Cadet

City of Missouri
3849 Cartwright Rd, Missouri City, TX 77459, United States


This is an entry-level, professional staff, full time position with the City of Missouri City Police Department.  Individuals hired as Police Cadets must attend and pass an academy curriculum, meet physical fitness requirements and participate in tactical training to obtain a Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) to enter the Police Officer rank. Reporting relationship: Police Captain or designee. 

Examples of Work

• Arrive on time, attend all classes, complete assignments, meet or exceed all course requirements and pass the academy course of study;

• Meet all physical fitness requirements, such as calisthenics, running, climbing, crawling and related physical activities;

• Participate in firearms, pursuit driving, hand to hand combat, intermediate weapons, traffic stops, building search procedures, handcuffing, first aid and officer safety tactical training programs;

• Perform other related duties as assigned;

• Subject to 24 hour recall.

Education, Experience, or Certification

•High School Diploma or Bachelor's degree.

Track 2 – Police Cadet. Under this track applicants are not TCOLE certified. Applicants must have either a four year college degree, a minimum of two years full time continuous service in the military, currently enrolled in a TCOLE Approved Law Enforcement Academy or be a full time employee with the City of Missouri City.