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Public Health Nurse

County of Humboldt
Full Time Humboldt County Department of Human & Health Services, 507 F St, Eureka, CA 95501, United States


Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health
NOTECurrent possession of a valid California Registered Nurse license and a valid California Public Health Nurse certificate is required for this position. Vacancies are in the Eureka area. 

Under general supervision, provides a full range of Public Health nursing services including teaching, health assessment, and counseling services in homes, clinics, schools, community centers and similar locations in relation to the prevention and control of diseases and adverse health conditions; performs related work as assigned.


This class is fully competent to perform a wide range of duties requiring independence and professional judgment in utilizing nursing skills to prevent disease, promote healthful behavior and alleviate conditions adversely affecting the health and safety of individuals, families and the community. This class is distinguished from Senior Public Health Nurse in that the latter operates a satellite public health nursing facility or coordinates specialized health projects and programs.

  • Participates on a health team with other professionals and para-professionals in the delivery of public health nursing services.
  • Makes home visits in assigned areas and clients to provide health education, assessment and counseling.
  • Identifies and assesses physical, mental and emotional problems of client and family unit utilizing observation, history-taking and data collection skills; analyzes information obtained to determine areas of follow-up and referral.
  • Develops nursing care plans; acts as client liaison and advocate to medical and other community resources.
  • Follows up on treatment recommendations with client and other involved agencies to ensure effective care and guidance to individuals and families.
  • Provides group and individual teaching relating to disease prevention, health promotion, treatment maintenance and rehabilitation.
  • Acts as telephone advice nurse and may be assigned as primary staff in part-time health clinics involved in the diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases.
  • Performs selected diagnostic tests, using standardized procedures; administers prescribed treatments and medications, following established protocols.
  • Utilizes nursing intervention skills to prevent disease, promote healthy behavior and alleviate conditions adversely affecting the health and safety of individuals, families and the community.
  • Provides pre-natal and post-partum nursing care and participates in well-child clinics as assigned.
  • Evaluates the needs of special population groups including the elderly, recent immigrants, those choosing alternate lifestyles and other cultural and economic groups.
  • Acts as health consultant to community groups and participates on a variety of health planning and educational committees.
Knowledge of:
  • Principles, practices and current trends of public health nursing and education.
  • Provisions of the California Nurse Practice Act and applicable state and local codes.
  • Principles of nutrition and its effect on varying age groups.
  • Pathophysiology of the major causes of illness and handicapping conditions.
  • Maternal, child and adolescent health principles and practices.
  • Normal growth and development including the aging process.
  • Demographic, biostatistical and data collection methods utilized in evaluating public health needs and problems.
  • Principles, practices and methods of control and prevention of communicable and chronic disease.
  • Methods of prevention of accidents and abuse and neglect of children, spouses and the elderly.
  • Techniques for evaluating normal and abnormal behavior patterns.
  • County, state, welfare and social service agencies services and facilities.
  • Financial support resources for public health care services.
Skill in:
  • Managing a caseload and establishing priorities for case management, treatment and referral.
  • Applying the principles of epidemiology to a wide range of social and health problems.
  • Performing nursing assessments and selected diagnostic tests and giving prescribed treatments.
  • Identifying community health needs through analysis of demographic and biostatistical data and information.
  • Exercising sound independent judgment within established procedural guidelines.
  • Assessing abnormal health and behavior, and developing effective treatment and referral plans.
  • Following up on recommended treatment plans to ensure effective resolution of health and related problems.
  • Preparing clear, complete and accurate documentation, reports, and other written materials.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of the work.
Other Requirements:

Must possess a valid California driver's license. Must possess a valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state of California and a valid California State Public Health Nursing certificate.

Desirable Education and Experience:

A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills outlined above is:

Equivalent to graduation from a four year college or university accredited by the National League for Nursing with major coursework in nursing and attainment of the Public Health Nursing Certificate and one year of experience in public health nursing.