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The mission at PetSmart Veterinary Services, LLC (“PVS”) is to keep veterinary medicine in the hands of doctors. PVS champions veterinarians and fosters an environment where they can focus on doing what they love: providing quality care and forging a lasting, loving bond between pets and their parents.

PetSmart Veterinary Services works on an ownership model that’s unlike anything else. It’s a simple but powerful solution that gives Veterinarian’s control of their practice in a reduced timeframe for reduced startup costs than what would normally be required. Additionally, PetSmart Veterinary Services helps with certain back-office support allowing Veterinarians to focus more time on care, and less time on the day-to-day business operations.

What makes us different:  
At PetSmart Veterinary Services, our in-store hospitals are independent, veterinarian-owned practices supported by the PetSmart brand. We offer efficient facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and back-office support so veterinarians can focus on quality care and provide the best possible service to pets and their parents. All PVS hospitals will be AAHA accredited and will maintain a gold standard of operations and care.