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Full Time

Registration or Certification with a Department of Health Care Services approved certifying organization.

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Recovery Specialist I/ii

County of Del Norte
Full Time 880 Northcrest Dr, Crescent City, CA 95531, United States


This recruitment will establish a list of candidates to be used in filling the vacancy as well as an eligibility list that may be used for future vacancies or temporary help for up to one (1) year.

Job Opportunity:

Only online applications are accepted. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review the full job description and requirements. Resumes are encouraged, but will not be accepted in lieu of required application materials. Applications which are incomplete as of the final date to apply will be eliminated from consideration. Candidates who meet all the minimum qualifications may be invited to an oral interview. 

Bi-weekly Salary:Recovery Specialist I: $1,782.80– $2,143.13Recovery Specialist II: $1,866.40 - $2,244.75
The Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services is seeking a qualified candidate to fill one (1) vacancy for the position of Recovery Specialist I/II. This position is classified as full-time. Under supervision, performs a variety of routine to complex alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment services and other duties associated with the activities of the Drug and Alcohol Program. Employees in this classification receive direct to limited supervision within a framework of policy and procedures.  
Recovery Specialist I is the first working level in this skilled class and are assigned alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and treatment work which may be complex and demanding with a high level of responsibility for client outcome.  The entry level is assigned duties, which will increase their experience. With additional experience and/or education incumbents may be eligible for advancement in this series.
Recovery Specialist II is the second working level in this skilled class and is assigned paraprofessional, complex treatment duties under minimal supervision. A complex level of interagency contact and client responsibility is required.  Employees advanced to this level in the series have demonstrated the ability to adequately fulfill the responsibilities over an extended period of time increased through experience and education.
Detailed Work Activities
  • Performs alcohol and other drug abuse treatment involving children and adults that include rehabilitation counseling on an individual, group or family basis.
  • Evaluates clients in a variety of settings including field situations for development of treatment plans.
  • Obtains client history, develops service or recovery plans and serves as a primary counselor as needed.
  • Participates as a member of the quality improvement multi-disciplinary team providing critical treatment input relating to client diagnosis and recommended service plans.
  • Participates in case conference and consult with psychiatric staff to review client cases and medication issues.
  • Evaluates clients for voluntary placement in residential treatment programs when twenty-four hour care is indicated.
  • Prepares detailed client record documentation and maintains case records including intake and referral plans, progress notes, adolescent and adult assessments.
  • Serves as staff to the perinatal treatment program or other divisional related services.
  • Provides consultation to a wide variety of local agencies and resources including medical community, schools, social services agencies, jail, juvenile hall, etc., courtroom testimony may be necessary.
  • Performs educational services to various community groups and/or individuals regarding the prevention of alcohol and other drug use and abuse in the community population.
  • Performs related duties as assigned or required.
In addition to the above duties, the Recovery Specialist II:
  • Provides training and support for assigned staff.
  • Participates in various peer review functions.
  • Provides community wide training for other groups and the public in areas as parenting, alcohol and other drug abuse awareness, etc.
Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications
Any combination of education, training and experience which would likely provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered qualifying. A typical way to obtain the required knowledge and abilities would be:

  • Registration or Certification with a Department of Health Care Services approved certifying organization.

To obtain a level II:

  • A minimum of four (4) years’ experience as a Substance Abuse Specialist I or equivalent position is required.


  • Possession of two years of college education in behavioral science, psychology or related field in addition to two (2) years’ experience as a Substance Abuse Specialist I or equivalent position.
Special Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid Driver’s license.
All County of Del Norte employees are designated Disaster Service Workers through State law (California Government Code Section 3100-3109). Employment with the County of Del Norte requires the affirmation of a loyalty oath to this effect.  Employees are required to complete all Disaster Service Work related training as assigned, and to return to work as ordered in the event of an emergency.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of principles, practices and techniques of alcohol and other drug abuse treatment that includes interviewing, assessment, individual, family and group rehabilitation counseling.
  • Knowledge of community resources and agencies providing services for alcohol and other drug related problems.
  • Knowledge of recordkeeping and documentation of client progress through the course of treatment.
  • Knowledge of laws and regulations related to client rights and confidentiality.
  • Ability to assess, evaluate and refer, including medical referrals, relative to client alcohol and drug abuse issues.
  • Ability to present client history and behavioral impression to psychiatrists and other professionals for review.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain detailed case summaries and documentation in accordance to local, state and federal regulations pertaining to treatment.
  • Ability to protect clients rights and provide advocacy for clients.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other therapists, county staff, schools, referral agencies as well as professional mental health staff.
  • Ability to work weekends, holidays and irregular hours.

In addition, requirements for the Recovery Specialist II include:

  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of comprehensive presentations and training.
  • Knowledge of conducting education and presentation training.
  • Knowledge of peer review of the most current literature pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and other drug abuse.
  • Ability to conduct effective alcohol and other drug abuse education and awareness training.