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The student must provide evidence of enrollment or acceptance to an educational institution.Please submit a cover letter and resume.

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State of Michigan
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The Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS) is responsible for the regulation and delivery of certification of nurse aides and permitting nurse aide trainers and training programs as required in the Michigan Public Health Code, Part 219.   This position will provide support to the Nurse Aide and Workforce Section. This position provides support for special assignments, studies, and projects related to the student’s career or curriculum goals. This position will assist with process improvement activities that includes, but not limited to, researching other states’ policies and procedures, national practice standards for care, various state and federal laws, and related data.  The position will also assist in various administrative support activities when needed including copying, Faxing, filing, and sorting and sending mail, etc.

LARA is proud to be a Michigan Veteran's Affairs Agency (MVAA) Gold Level Veteran-Friendly Employer

Required Education and Experience

Current enrollment in high school, vocational or technical school, or post-secondary educational institution.


No specific type or amount is required.

Additional Requirements and Information

The student must provide evidence of enrollment or acceptance to an educational institution.

Please submit a cover letter and resume. 

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